Crayon Data brings AI-led personalization platform,, to South Africa

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Crayon Data’s partnership with Falcorp Technologies aims to reach the banking and telecommunications sector in the region 

Singapore/Chennai August 2021 – Crayon Data, a leading artificial intelligence and big data company based in Singapore, has announced their expansion into the South African market. A new partnership with South Africa based digital technology organization Falcorp Technologies is set to aid in this venture.  

Crayon Data’s is a two-sided platform that unlocks the value of AI-led personalized commerce. It adds the power of AI to all stakeholders: enterprises, merchants, and consumers. Enterprises increase customer engagement and wallet share. Merchants are paired with relevant customers. Consumers get a personalized discovery-to-fulfilment journey. With this partnership, the South Africa-based Falcorp will introduce the magic of to key banks and enterprises in the region. 

Prateek Vyas, Vice President of Sales (APAC, India, SSA), Crayon Data, says, “We have seen some extraordinary growth for Crayon Data in the recent quarters, with our ARR growing by over 65% YoY. As we continue to expand globally, we are thrilled to bring’s personalization capabilities to South Africa. I am certain it will herald a new age of relevance in the banking ecosystem in the region, leading to superior customer experience for end users.”  

“To help augment this expansion we have partnered with Falcorp Technologies, a leading digital solutions provider. Close to three quarters of consumers switch their primary banking provider in South Africa driven by a lack of relevance, putting R438 Bn of potential annual revenue in jeopardy. This partnership provides us the opportunity to leverage Falcorp’s expertise to deliver’s unique AI-led personalization to the region’s consumers,” adds Prateek.  

“Similar to most industry verticals, the communications sector remains under increased pressure to shift their focus from more traditional telephony and data services to non-traditional services that make customer enrichment and experience a central focus. This can only be achieved through understanding the customer behavioral changes, spend patterns, adopting to new and evolving lifestyle products and the impact of Covid-19 on face-to-face contact, adds Rikash Hurdeen, Managing Director, Falcorp Technologies. 

Crayon Data and’s association with Falcorp is set to usher in the age of relevance to South Africa.  

About Crayon Data 

Crayon Data is a Singapore based big data and AI start-up. Identified by Gartner as one of the top 40 digital personalization providers. Crayon enables top tier clients across industries like banking, e-commerce and travel & hospitality to have personalized conversations with each of their customers, across various communication channels. Crayon has been recognized as one of the most innovative big data and AI startups by global platforms such as Gartner, TIEcon, CEBIT, IBM Watson and OrangeFab. 

About equips top tier enterprises to have personalized conversations with each of their customers. Across all channels. comes equipped with richly curated vast external datasets, backed by cutting-edge artificial intelligence, delivered through a series of easy-to-use APIs that cater to the needs of the portfolio, campaigns, analytics and alliances teams within an enterprise. 

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About Falcorp 

Falcorp Technologies is a black empowerment Digital Technology company in South Africa. Falcorp recognizes the full potential of technology and is able to assist organizations within and across functional business units through strategic partnerships, expert skills and innovative thinking. It strongly advocates that IT complements business and believes in the pivotal role that it plays in sustaining competitive business advantage, consequently, focusing on enabling business enterprises through the deployment of cutting-edge innovative IT solutions. These solutions focus on providing strategic differentiation and operational superiority to clients. 

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