HR Tech for Remote Work

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Published September 29, 2022   |   

Source: Economic Times HR World

Date: 28-Sep-2022

The article explores tools and technologies that worked best for companies during remote work.

Naveen S Pillai, Vice President – Human Resources, Crayon Data, says, “Before the pandemic, it was normal for us to collaborate remotely and synchronise across various teams and locations. Today, with a hybrid working model, we have leveraged MS Teams,, and our HR suite to manage our business operations and people processes.”

Crayon Data moved to the OKR model a little before 2020 and it was important for the company to have a product to help integrate the OKR process with the organisation, more so in a highly remote working environment. That’s when the company adopted to support the process.

“The easy user interface helped us adapt to this model quicker. It provided the transparency we needed amongst the teams and brought us together with shared objectives and goals. The summary dashboard, reminders to input our progress and the ease with which we could break down a task into further subtasks, kept us aligned with the organisation goals,” Pillai says.

“The software also helped our leaders gain visibility on the status of various projects and track the progress of individual and functional goals. In the last two years, has indeed been a great “ally” for us in managing the OKR process,” he adds.