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Published March 2, 2023   |   
Team Crayon Data

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The story of Crayon’s website and brand refresh 

For over a decade, Crayon Data has been at the heart of the personalization revolution. During this time, we’ve created data and AI-led customer experiences that increased engagement and revenue for clients. But in late 2022, we decided it was time to up the game on our own website. Without diluting our message or splitting our audience. And so, a decision was made to merge our corporate and our platform site into one. 

We set about creating a unified experience, built on the pillars of content, design, and architecture.  

Crayon now has an evolved proposition. From personalization, we’ve expanded to AI-led revenue acceleration, with a vertical-based approach. Enterprises across banking, fintech, travel and B2B marketplaces can use to unlock the value of their data and put these insights to work. This evolution is matched by our enhanced content style. 

To go with this, we needed to refresh our brand. A glow-up, if you will. And thus, ‘Coloratura’ was born. Inspired by the 10-minute-long video of the song by Coldplay, it is a bolder, more evocative, quirkier version of Crayon. And since our platform is made of multiple modules which can be mixed and matched like Lego blocks, our design language visualizes this atomized approach. 

What you’ll see on our refreshed website is our signature seven colors, shapes and tangrams, with elements that indicate action. From minimalistic icons, we now have easily identifiable ones. We skip the pastels and monochromes and neutrals that have overtaken the design world. Instead, we chose to go loud and bright with our colors, and bold with our icons. They’re fun to look at and draw you into the visual story.  

MicrosoftTeams image 69  And for the readers, fonts are key. From Catamaran with 8 font styles, we’ve switched over to Poppins, with a whopping 18 font styles. 

All of this work is underpinned by an enhanced web experience. We’re talking faster load times and a detailed navigation menu. The website also features brand new sections that focus on our new propositions and the verticals we work with. The spotlight is on, its capabilities, and the solutions it offers. In addition, we’ve talked in depth about both our company vision and platform vision. So, you’ll know what drives us to do what we do: simplify the world’s choices. 

Our treasure trove of resources from the Crayon Data blog is not lost. You’ll find it under Company -> In the Limelight. Everything from #TalentedTangrams to press mentions can be found here. Our reports and industry articles from the website too will soon migrate to Our AI community and podcast, ‘Slaves to the Algo’ get its own room here as well, under the Ecosystem tab. 

Having everything in one place keeps our clients on the straight and narrow to signing up, with no ambiguity or confusion. And it helps potential Crayons know what they are getting into, by being transparent about the leaders, values, and more.  

As we share this labor of love with you, we hope it will answer all your questions about’s capabilities and give you an insight into our world.  

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