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Team Crayon Data

Singapore/Chennai, June 2023 Crayon Data, a leading artificial intelligence and big data company headquartered in Singapore with a presence in India and UAE, recently announced their Go-To-Market proposition in March 2023. It more closely represents their positioning, commitment, and AI-led innovation. 

Given that they have been pioneers in the AI-first personalization revolution, their official website address has been changed from to This mirrors the company’s evolution as an AI powerhouse. will build upon the solid foundation of, which has served as a trusted platform for data-driven decision-making. 

This milestone is significant for the company as it aligns its online presence with its core focus on harnessing the power of AI to accelerate revenue through data-powered insights for businesses. The move also reflects the company’s continuous efforts to stay at the forefront of technological advancements and to pioneer innovative approaches to solving complex business challenges. 

For over a decade, Crayon has been at the heart of the personalization revolution. During this time, they have created magic for 127 million customers with more than US$130 billion worth of portfolio spends. With engaging customer experience as the end goal, Crayon’s has evolved from a personalization platform to a revenue acceleration platform, with a vertical-based approach. The flagship platform can now help enterprises unlock the value of their data and put these insights to work. With AI at its core, enterprises can engage customers with personalized experiences across digital ecosystems. At scale, without compromising privacy.  

The transition to underscores the company’s commitment to leveraging AI and advanced analytics to deliver intelligent solutions that empower organizations across various industries.  

A peek into the refreshed website will answer all your questions about their capabilities and give you an insight into their world.    

About Crayon Data

Crayon Data is a leading provider of AI-led revenue acceleration solutions, headquartered in Singapore with a local presence in India and the UAE. The company was founded in 2012 with the vision of simplifying the world’s choices. Our flagship platform,, helps enterprises across the Banking, Fintech, and Travel industries create and capture sustainable revenue streams by unlocking the value of data.’s capability is driven by four “as a Service” components – Data, Recommendation, Customer Experience, and Marketplace – that work individually and together to create tangible results. Crayon Data recently won the E50 awards organized by KPMG and the Business Times in Singapore. Crayon was featured in HFS Hot Vendors Compendium in 2021. They were also among the top 15 finalists at Emerging Enterprise Awards 2019, Singapore.  

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