Data matters: Just being a visionary is not enough for new entrepreneurs

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Published January 11, 2021   |   

“Without data, you are just another entity with an opinion.”
Truer words have not been spoken! Without data, any idea you present is just another opinion.
Many entrepreneurs have come forward – some being innovators, some hustlers, some imitators, and some researchers; but all of them sharing one common trait – being visionaries. No matter what the idea, every entrepreneur needs to be a visionary. Only with visionary leadership can an entrepreneur bring forth a strategic change in the world. But is a vision enough for a startup to succeed? Isn’t a vision, not backed by data, just another entrepreneur’s opinion?
Instead of just being an entrepreneur, be a datapreneur! Your vision and the approach to your vision can help your startup launch. But, remember, it is data that will keep your startup running and scaling effectively. So, why is data so important for all entrepreneurs? Let’s find out.

Why Is Data Important For Entrepreneurs?

Most entrepreneurs believe that all they need is a startup idea and visionary leadership to succeed. Moreover, being early-age startups that are starting from scratch, how are they supposed to have data, right? Wrong!
There are several ways startups and entrepreneurs can collect data for their initiative. They can have the data of the target buyer persona – collect their social data, analyze their online activities and other things to capture the relevant data. They can use the data from every single interaction the potential consumer has with their company or brand in any way possible.
Secondly, they can have the competitor data. Study your competitor and analyze their customers, products, marketing strategies, etc., to gather better insights.
So, data is there for every startup and entrepreneurs need to be more informed than just being visionary to succeed. You just need to be smart and use this data more proactively to succeed with your startup vision.

Understanding Audience

For any business, the consumer is always the king. No matter what they initiate, be it a marketing campaign, building a new product, market analysis, or anything else, the understanding of the audience is imperative. And we all know that an untenable amount of data is generated by humans each day. In fact, a simple person generates 1.7 megabytes of data in just a single second.
With so much data at hand, entrepreneurs need to understand the importance of big data and use technology and tools to analyze it to get a better knowledge of their audience. The data from analyzing customer behavior can help in augmenting the products, personalizing the customer experience, drafting marketing strategies, and even modifying the tactics for sales. All you need to do is collect and mine the good and useful data only.
Using data analytics even in product development, entrepreneurs can be sure that their product is a market fit that can live up to the expectations of the early adopters.

Smarter Decision Making

When it comes to decision making, being data-backed is super important. With the right data at your disposal, you can take accurate decisions. The insights from data can be used to make smarter decisions. While entrepreneurs cannot invest a lot of funds in buying the latest data-driven tools, they can use many free and affordable tools to analyze the collected data.
Data can help you gain Business Intelligence. Using smart BI software tools, you can get more workable solutions from the data to make smarter decisions for solving business problems. These solutions have a higher chance of being successful in the long run.
You just need to be careful of what insights you pick or what questions you ask your data tool to answer. Pivot the KPIs and use the data tools to gain insights that are more than just sales.

Assessing And Staying Ahead Of Competition

No matter what industry you choose, your competition would be out there making the most of data to make data-backed decisions. All the major players of the industry are already using data-driven tools to their advantage. If you are not using the BI tools and solutions to make the right use of data, you are directly letting your competitors get an upper hand.
Most startups start with building a minimum viable product and then move to scale. By using data smartly to make decisions, create campaigns, modify products, or even pivot their monetization strategy, startups can gain an edge over the competition.
You can even save time, effort, and funds by making data-backed decisions.

Data-backed Predictions

Predicting user behavior is imperative and data analytics can help make valid data-backed predictions. One can use data along with Machine Learning and Data Science to make more accurate predictions. It can help reduce waste, cut down the costs, and save a lot of time in any campaign.
Data helps you understand your business and customers better to make smarter predictions. You can tell what a customer would be doing and at what time or how they would be behaving.
And the best part is – data is not stopping at predictions! It has moved beyond towards prescriptions as well. The data tools and analytics software are empowering the entrepreneurs by suggesting the best actions for them based on the information that has been collected.

Wrapping Up

With humans and machines adding data to the already huge stockpile of data, entrepreneurs can leverage their way to success by using data constructively. It can empower startups to face the challenges of the global market and stay competitive. It can help them even gain better insights into the human mind and analyze it smartly to predict their behavior or other behavioral trends.
While we are not saying that being a visionary is not important; it is an important trait for a successful business leader, taking tangible insights from data into mind is also very important. But being data-backed is something that can offer all entrepreneurs a more factual insight into the work and start with tangible reports in hand.