Data Science: The Tech That Powers Iron Man!

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Published May 2, 2018   |   

It’s A Bird… It’s A Plane… It’s Iron Ma…..Oh, Wait!! That’s A Major Blunder!!
Wasn’t it supposed to be Superman?
Well, who cares??
Iron Man’s cooler! He combines the flight of a bird and the tech behind a plane and cruises effortlessly in the sky! He may not be quite the “Naturally gifted” Superhero as you might want him to be, but he is everything better!
Why, you ask? Well, for starters, he is a human and a mortal! And, second of all, unlike most superheroes who derive their feat of strength from a bizarre gift or mutation, Iron Man is someone who derives it all from… well, Data..
YES! Iron Man’s JARVIS-powered armor is the ultimate manifestation of Data Science and the precise use of it!
Ever wondered how Iron Man’s armor actually works? The key to understanding Iron Man’s armor lies in understanding Data Sciences.
Iron Man and Data Sciences
Glinting red and gleaming gold, Iron Man’s armor is one to behold! With its superior capabilities such as Powered flight, Concealed Weapons, Self Containing Environment, In-built Guidance and Navigation, the powered exoskeleton that stands out as one of the most advanced and inspiring weapon systems ever conceived. Its working can be explained by dissecting its individual components and understanding how the data and function of each of the elements can be put together to deliver such a platform.
The Armor’s Capabilities:

  • Powered Flight: We all love when Tony Stark just blasts off into the sky, don’t we? Well, all of that is thanks to a variety of thrusters embedded across the exoskeleton suit. But how do these work effectively and how does Tony manage to fly without wings?? The answer to that boils down to a couple of concepts called “Control Surfaces.”

Stark’s suit comprises of shoulder plates, back plates and a couple more on his feet that are capable adjusting their angles. These control surfaces can change the flow of air around the suit and use it to maneuver Iron Man in a 3D space. Thanks to sensors that capture information in real-time and relay back to the JARVIS AI, the suit can fly itself with no active piloting required.

  • Akin to an “Alexa” on steroids, the JARVIS AI reads Data in real-time and provides him with actionable insights using mere voice outputs which is a great value add to someone facing grave threats. It also regulates the conditions inside the suit automatically based on the information it receives from all the embedded sensors.

Threat Identification and Weapons deployment:
Much like an airplane, the Iron’s suit has all the guidance systems that are required for flying in open skies. A fighter pilot’s ultimate flying machine, the exoskeleton bears sensors and devices all over its outer skin, giving it a Three-Dimensional situational awareness of the battlespace. This technology has a contemporary usage.
In Iron Man’s case, the JARVIS AI automates the entire process giving Tony Stark the refined inputs that he deserves while fighting to defend the skies. If there’s one key takeaway from Iron Man’s tech-oozing suit, it must be the fact that it is completely data-driven. This shows that data can help you fight the bad guy. But, turns out, Data can do a lot more.
Tony Stark has done this, here is how you can
From improving business performance to analyzing populations to solving DNA sequences, Data science is expected to revolutionize the future. So, if you are looking to be the next Iron Man, well it isn’t all that hard! All you need is the strong foundation in Data sciences and a few million dollars to build your suit. While we cannot help you with the few million dollars, but we can help you master Data Science. Reach out to us and put yourself in line to become the next Tony Stark.
Now getting serious about Data Science.
Data Science and Analytics are now the most inevitable asset for any business disregarding the scale of it. For a business to get a hold on its consumer it has to get the knowledge of a consumer. A consumer may come various platform, might have varied taste and interests. A Business must cater to that interest.
The scope in the field of business analytics is ever expanding and is helping it become mainstream as companies of all sizes and analytics skill levels get into the big data game. Exploring business analytics needs the right focus, right technology, right people, right culture and top management commitment. Companies like IBM, Accenture, and Deloitte are using business analytics tools and coming up with decisions that are useful and profitable.
Promising future trends
Experts believe that the following trends will dominate the world of analytics in 2015.
1. Analytics will play an important role in data security. Analytics are already transforming intrusion detection, differential privacy, digital watermarking and malware countermeasures.
2. The Internet of Things (IoT) will continue to grow rapidly in 2019. Analytics tools and techniques for dealing with the massive amounts of structured and unstructured data generated by IoT will continue to gain importance.
3. Companies will voice their need of routinely monetizing their own data for financial gain.
4. Growth of Cognitive Analytics.
5. The relevance of ‘Open Source Solutions’ will regain momentum.
6. Focus on Tax Analytics- This will simplify the process of recovering overpaid transaction taxes and helping to prevent future overpayments.
7. The boost in demand for Data Scientists – a hunt for people who can balance quantitative analysis skills with an ability to tell the story of their data in compelling, visual ways.
8. Companies would become over-critical and cautious about Data Accuracy.
Basis the aforementioned elements and points, it would not be wrong to say that the demand in the Business Analytics market would grow at an impressive pace in the upcoming years.