Dice’s Salary Survey: 5 job markets for big data pros

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Published March 24, 2015   |   

Are you looking for tech professionals with right Big Data skills? Then you should know where to look to find professionals that hold these coveted skills. According to Dice’s Annual Salary Survey, the highest concentration of big data pros can be found in Seattle.
The Dice survey looked at the top job markets for data analysts, as well as the top skills wanted of these highly-prized workers, and found that some usual suspects take top rankings. In its report summary, Dice wrote that more and more companies in industries including food manufacturing, retail, consulting and gaming are hiring big data pros.
Dice found that five job markets in particular are hot for data analysts, with the largest concentration of professionals with big data skills. These job markets were defined as having seen a greater than 5 percent growth rate in new jobs over the past year.
The top market for big data pros are:
1. Seattle – with 24 percent of employers indicating they had big data skills in 2014, which was double the rate of 12 percent in 2013.
2. Portland – 22 percent of employers said they had big data skills on payroll in 2014, which is up from 7 percent the previous year.
3. Silicon Valley – not surprising, the Valley ranks high on the list, with 20 percent of employers citing big data pros on their staff. This is up only slightly from 2013, when 18 percent of companies said the same.
4. Baltimore/Washington DC – The nation’s capital region ranks right behind, with 19 percent of employers paying big data pros last year, up from 12 percent in 2013.
5. Atlanta – Another rapidly growing hotbed, 17 percent of Atlanta’s employers had big data pros on staff in 2014, up from 11 percent in 2013.
Meanwhile the Dice report also looked at the top skills that big data pros bring to the game. The top skills, which are among the hottest of all tech skills right now, include Hadoop, MapReduce, Hbase, Flume and Pig.
To know more, check out the report at Dice.