Eight reasons to join the Crayon Box

Published April 28, 2022   |   

What do I say when a potential Crayon asks, “What makes your employer different from the rest?” As a Talent Ambassador at Crayon Data, such questions get me super excited.

Here are my go-to points:

  1. We have a team with 10+ decades of collective industry expertise. Together, we bring out the best possible solutions to any challenge we face.
  2. Our love for technology drive us. And a passion for constantly developing our skills and knowledge across the board. Speak to any Crayon even for 10 minutes, and you’ll walk away from the conversation having learnt something new!
  3. Every Crayon gets to experience responsibility with freedom. No one is micromanaging or looking over your shoulder constantly. You’re trusted to get shit done!
  4. You’ll work with a bunch of people who are team first in thinking. And it’s not just a company value on paper. Empathy and support from colleagues is a vital part of our culture.
  5. Each Crayon is encouraged to push the boundaries. We value every suggestion. And evaluate every worthwhile idea. It’s never a top-down approach.
  6. With a flat hierarchy, the leadership team is accessible to all Crayons.
  7. We’re generous with praise and recognition. It’s not just at quarterly, half-yearly or annual markers. We celebrate milestones through the year.
  8. Last but not the least: you can always expect genuine smiles from your colleagues! It really brightens up our day!

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