Exploring 5 big data training programs

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Published October 28, 2014   |   
Kelly Hill

With big data expertise in high demand, both universities and private companies are ramping up their education programs and big data training. Gartner expects that the BDA market will have 4.4 million jobs available by 2015, but only about one-third of them will be filled.

So which big data training or certifications should you consider? RCR looked at the details of programs from five prominent big data companies. Some of the training programs are free, although the certifications generally are not.

Oracle big data training: Oracle has a number of certifications on specific products, for both the telecom vertical and for database operations, including cloud. For ramping up your big data knowledge, check out its list of basic big data appliance and connectors training sessions for database administrators or application developers. This includes a couple of courses on big data basics and essentials for deeper understanding of big data concepts and applications; technical details of using Oracle’s NoSQL databases; and identifying business-use cases and getting familiar with Apache Hadoop.

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