Top 7 finance apps to help track, manage and make money

Published September 27, 2019   |   

There is an ancient saying that money disappears faster than it comes. If you ask anyone who has handled the money of some sort, they will definitely agree with it. The moment the cash hits the hand or bank account, it starts looking at ways for leaving from there. Management of money, whether it be for individuals or big organizations, is a crucial financial step. In fact, there have been instances where people and companies have become bankrupt because they didn’t manage their money well. Ideally speaking, the traditional method of doing so would include keeping a tab on every penny you earn and also where you are spending them. However, times have changed, and nowadays, there are applications for everything.

Money management

Before going on to the money apps, it is imperative that you first understand what exactly money management is. Only then you will be able to utilize and appreciate the utilities of the apps better. Simply speaking, it is the proper management of cash flow from one entity to another so that you always have your finances in control. It includes having a thorough knowledge of all your sources of income and the avenues from where the money is coming. This is followed by a detailed understanding of your expenses, mainly on a monthly basis. You should also account for the “extra” expenses that you make in a month, as it is these that make you lose your money faster than you can decipher.

Money management also includes channeling your money into a savings account and also using it for investments that may turn out to be profitable. In modern times, money management has become a huge nuisance, mainly because of the changing ways of earning and spending. However, these apps can act as a shining beacon at the times of adversity.

Ways to keep track of money

Now, there can be many ways of doing it. If you are a student with not many finances, you can do it yourself, using a large number of apps available at your disposal. If you are a multinational company dealing in millions and billions, you should have a separate financial department with capable employees to keep track for you. Both these avenues track your income and expenses and give you a fair idea about where you stand on the financial grounds so that you can make your next move wisely.

Sometimes, you may have to take a loan from a bank to make an investment of higher capital. How you manage your finances will play a crucial role in your credit score, which is directly related to the easy approval of your loans. You should check your credit scores from time to time and always be alert.

Advantage of money management apps

These apps tend to make things easier, more convenient, and much faster. You can download these apps on your smart devices at the click of a button. The best part is that you have access to your finances at all points of time, even on the move. Some apps also devise and tell you methods of making the right financial move so that you can multiply your money. Looking at all these advantages of money management apps, it is important that the best ones are discussed in detail.

Precise invoicing

Since the money management apps have computer-generated invoices, chances of it going wrong at any stage are minimal. The calculations are bound to be accurate, and this results in a precise invoice.

Increased productivity

Since you will be saving a lot of time and manpower using these apps for financial management, you can channel the same to increase efficiency and improve the productivity of the company.

Planning tactically

Money apps also help in managing your finances in such a way so that you can make smarter investments to multiply your money. Thus, it will help in making better plans and tactics.

Fewer resources

Since most of the finance-related work will be handled virtually. You don’t need to dedicate any resources for the same. Thus, you can save a lot in this particular aspect.

Money apps to look out for in 2019

Let’s look at a list of mobile apps that make money management easier.


The full form of YNAB is You Need A Budget, and the name is self-explanatory itself. It helps you in planning ahead with your finances and encourages you to have a clear idea of what you are going to do with every dollar that you earn. Thus, you always have adequate money to execute any plans.

Pocket Guard

If you are searching for a money app that will track your savings and tell you where you are spending them, Pocket Guard is the one for you. It will also take care of any recurring bill that might be outstanding and help to plan your budget better.

Budget Simple

This app corresponds to its name primarily. It has a very simple interface, and you can make data entry without any problems whatsoever. You even have quick access to your spending and how much money who have left for the month, and thus, it is very handy for a financial reality check.


It functions like most other money apps but has an additional feature of dealing with currency from other nations as well. Thus, if you travel a lot and want to keep track of your finances, Wally is the best.


The level is mainly concerned with telling you much money you have left after taking care of all your expenses. Thus, this app is mainly concerned with your spending and gives you a better perspective of where the money is going and how you can control it.


If you want to categorize your transactions into different wallets, Spendee is the best app for that. You can even share the wallets with different people, according to your convenience.


With Acorns, not only can you track the difference between your earning and spending, which is effectively your savings but also plan to invest your savings smartly so that your finances can multiply manifolds in a short period.

The bottom line

These money apps are certainly helpful in not only planning your budget but also bringing it under control in case your finances are going haywire. These apps run efficiently in Android, Apple, and most other platforms without any problems whatsoever.