Five ways to become an effective database administrator

Published June 23, 2014   |   
Thomas LaRock

Big data, machine data, small data, personal data, corporate data; data is everywhere and it’s the centerpiece of so many businesses. The question is, who is looking after it? The explosion of data hasn’t seen a corresponding growth in the size of IT teams, so it’s falling to IT administrators to manage these ever increasing and complex databases.

These accidental database administrators (DBAs) have a stressful job – maintaining the integrity of databases isn’t easy, especially for those new to the role. But, there are five things that, if DBAs take time to understand and embrace them, can help ease the stress.

1. Grow “soft skills”

DBAs’ responsibilities are often regarded as “hard skills” – teachable abilities. But, as IT continues to evolve, DBAs will have to hone their “soft skills”.

With data being such an integral part of corporate life, DBAs have to have a full understanding of their organisation’s business objectives and where data management fits within them. Equally, they will have to be a champion of their role, impressing colleagues and managers of the importance of the database. This will become especially important if they need to lobby for extra resources.

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