Free mind mapping tools for data scientists to enhance structured thinking

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Published March 1, 2019   |   

The phrase “Data scientists” denote the persons who have a deep understanding of the relation between data and information. Their prime job is taking an immense volume of random data with an intention to manage and rearrange them using their competence of programming, mathematics, and statistics. To accomplish such responsible tasks, data scientists cannot but adopt different mind mapping tools for getting error-free output. Considering the enormous importance of these tools, today our article presents you with the top 12 free mind mapping tools that we recommend you to use blindly for enriching your experience as a data scientist.

1. MindMaster

MindMaster is completely a professional tool for creating a mind map for you. The tool covers abundant exclusive and sprightly mind mapping templates. It also includes a wide range of functions with detailed yet simple examples. In it, there is a rainbow color function that helps you switch between multiple colors with a single click. Also, its task management function enables you to have a look through the task info in multiple views comprising an outline view, Gantt chart view, and mind map view.

2. WiseMapping

WiseMapping allows you to begin the mind mapping even when you are not logged in to it. The program functions equally with almost all the latest browsers because it makes use of HTML 5 and Vector Graphics to generate a mind map. Using it, you can set your mind maps to any blog or website. It lets you collaborate with colleagues and friends. With it, you are even allowed to download and save maps as PDF, images or FreeMind file. Additionally, importing and exporting the files of mind map from FreeMind are simpler.

3. Visual Understanding Environment

The “Visual Understanding Environment” shortly known as VUE is proverbially a cross-platform tool for mind mapping. The software is intended to learn, teach, and research thus perfect for the data scientists. However, the utility is supportive of external data from Google, RSS feeds, and STP sites. It also supports numerous external resources including Wikipedia and Twitter. You can save the VUE files either to a drive or on the VUE site. XML, HTML, PDF, RDF, and image formats are the supported file formats of Visual Understanding Environment.

4. Sketchboard

Sketchboard is both a fabulous mind mapping tool and a cooperative whiteboard. Sketchboard can be integrated with team programs such as Google Drive, GitHub, Flowdock, etc. While using it, you can blend and resemble your thoughts with not only mindmaps but also roadmap, notes, UML, and freehand drawing. Besides, while collaborating with team members, it lets you comment and annotate.

5. Blumind

Blumind scrutinizes everything thoroughly just like a tool of a drug test to suggest you the best path for mind mapping. This deep scrutinizing and analysis capability has made it immensely popular globally. The tool allows you to draw some chart layouts such as tree and logic diagram. It is supportive for numerous export formats comprising all the typical image formats, PDF, text, SVG, and CSV. Besides, the program includes in-built color themes that you can customize effortlessly. Moreover, it supports multiple languages and all the probable keyboard shortcuts.

6. Text2Mindmap

Text2Mindmap is most familiar to the data scientists for its speed. This online based program lets you write down your ideas as a list of text, and each of the text lines turns into a node in your mind map. With it, you can download mind map as PDF or an image. You can even get the saved maps available through an exclusive URL. Furthermore, Text2Mindmap supports all the keyboard shortcuts that eventually helps you create your maps easily and rapidly.

7. Novamind

Though Novamind is a commercial program yet, it has an excellent free edition. The tool includes a productive layout engine intended to aid your design fast. In it, you can find a fabulous user-friendly ‘dial’ that retains each of the mind mapping mandates. The utility also enables you to embellish your mind maps using images, symbols, and themes. Even it is fully compatible with callouts and external links.

8. MindMapple

MindMapple is such a mind mapping tool that is filled with templates and themes. If you are a visual thinker, then there is no doubt that you will love this software blindly as it lets you make the best use of clip-art and images. The program owns a set of authoritative features to help you handle larger projects. In it, you can collate various mind maps in a single document. You are even allowed to track topics with schedules and priority.

9. Coggle

Coggle helps you create outstanding mind maps through brainstorming that you can collaborate and even share with other people. The utility lets you drag and drop pictures onto the diagrams, see the changing history so that you don’t lose track of the edits, and personalize color for separate projects. With it, you can export projects in both PDF and PNG format, generate personal links or share them publicly on social media adding clickable links.

10. XMind

XMind is considered the most popular tool for mind mapping all over the world. It is an effective open source program that is simply matchless for brainstorming, organizing ideas, managing complicated info, and simplifying various ideas. It lets you assemble concepts and craft those following a coherent form so that you can easily recognize complex information, unfold trends, patterns, relationships, and priorities. In it, you are allowed to export your mind maps into many formats including PNG, PDF, JPEG, etc. for seamless cooperation.

11. iMindMap

iMindMap has been developed to help you uncover your productivity to the utmost with its exciting visual that includes sharp images, bright colors, and curved branches. The tool either helps you have complete authority over the mind map with personalize able drawing expertise or create the entire map on behalf of you. Its text, styling and freehand options enable you to produce an extraordinary project.

12. MindMeister

MindMeister was created with an intention to ease the collaboration not only for mind mapping but also for brainstorming. The tool has been developed with a simply usable interface. This utility helps the data scientists have a discussion regarding modifications through live chat, exchange thoughts, and see the changing history of the mind map. With it, a data scientist can easily have access to projects using a mobile phone. However, the tool assures the best security of your data.


Data science undoubtedly requires much critical mind mapping and so accomplishing it manually is time-consuming. In such a case, the tools mentioned can be highly capable of organizing your thoughts and giving them a final shape with a pleasing look. Ultimately, your success as a data scientist with structured thinking will be individual.