From the Drawing Board – Akshaya Dupati, UI Engineer

Published February 10, 2021   |   

From the drawing board - Akshaya


What is the most exciting thing you’ve learned?

As a newbie to the development team, learning about the tech we use was very exciting for me. I personally enjoyed working with React and Node. The learnings have enriched my technical knowledge and confidence in my skills as well. 

What is it like working with Crayons?

Each and every Crayon that I‘ve interacted with is technically sound. And they are always willing to share their technical expertise with fellow Crayons. I have always felt comfortable working with my team.  

What are some of the tech and tools you get to play with in your role?

As a UI developer, I work with quite a few cuttingedge technologies. These include React, Node and graphQL.  

What kind of support do you receive from your teammates and the company?

Working with Crayon is totally different experience. During the tough times, challenges are faced together. And the company is always ready to support their Crayons.