From the Drawing Board – Deepti Agarwal, Junior Product Mananger

Published April 8, 2021   |   

From the drawing board Deepti 6

I’ve been very excited to learn about the analytics and data science that go behind personalizing choices for users. It has been a little challenging to get accustomed to the technology used and the way it works, coming from a non-tech background.  

But working at Crayon has exposed me to several tools used for managing and working with data. This includes using brainstorming applications like Invision and prototyping software like AppSmith. And I am looking forward to exploring more such tools. Honestly, every day so far has been a new learning experience. 

Working with #TeamCrayon 

Crayons come from different backgrounds and expertise. They are approachable, helpful and relentless in their execution. They are also quite detailed in planning which has allowed me to expand my vision and perspective. It gets a little overwhelming at times, but there’s never a dull day at Crayon. 

Even though my onboarding was virtual, there was enough support for me to understand, execute and deliver my projects. I am glad to be a part of such a talented pool of people. It really inspires me to do better.