From the drawing board – Edwin Francis

Published November 19, 2020   |   

From the drawing board Edwin

1. What is the most exciting thing you have learned?

Learning to build scalable applications that impacts millions of users, using big data, has been one of the most exciting parts of working at Crayon Data. For instance, I recently designed and built a complex Geographic Information System, which involved challenges around loading spatial data and effective visualizations. This was a rewarding experience because it helped end users make informed business decisions. 

2. What is it like working with Crayons?

I feel extremely privileged to work with and lead a team of super-talented Crayons. I have had the opportunity to learn and grow from the best in the business – not only within the engineering team, but also across disciplines. Even though people are individually brilliant, the thing that I love the most is our synergy, which enables us to achieve greater goals. Crayons are highly passionate and enthusiastic people, and it is very easy to feed off this energy.  

3. What are some of the tech and tools you get to play with in your role? 

I work predominantly  on cloud-based applications and use serverless architecture for scalability and cost optimization. We use cloud services like AWS EC2, Lambda, Athena etc. Security is one of the key aspects we are extra careful with. 

In addition to working with various cutting-edge technologies, I also work with different programming languages such as Java, JavaScript and Python. At Crayon, I work with state-of-the-art tools and frameworks across the entire stack – Spring Boot, Express.js, React, GraphQL, Docker and GIS tools to name a few. I also work extensively with both NoSQL and relational databases.

4. What kind of support do you receive from your teammates / the company? 

There is flexibility and freedom to experiment, which cultivates creativity without the fear of failure. The company greatly values providing timely and actionable feedback, which helps constant growth. In turn, they are also open to feedback from their employees. The company’s openness and flat organization structure allows me to move quickly from ideation to implementation. The fact that I know my team will always have my back,  empowers me to lead impactful projects every day.