From the drawing board – Harish MR, Customer Scientist

Published December 18, 2020   |   

From the drawing boardLearning curve – What is the most exciting thing you’ve learned?

Crayon today is solving some of the most complicated and challenging problems out there. In an organization like Crayon, any outsider would perceive the learning curve to be steep. But once you get an opportunity to work on the problems that Crayon tackles, everything else seems so simple. The support system here and my smart teammates have allowed me to learn new concepts quickly. As a customer scientist, I’ve been exposed to pretty much every new age tool that’s out there – an experience I would say is not something one would get in every organization. The freedom to explore is a given. Freedom with responsibility   

What is it like working with Crayons? 

Crayons are a breed of their own. There’s a famous saying in Crayon – “Once a Crayon, Always a Crayon”. That’s the sort of unique bond that is created with fellow Crayons. Walk up to anyone, with absolutely anything and you’re guaranteed to have a refreshing conversation. Well, now we’re all remote but that doesn’t mean we can’t get on a call with other Crayons. It’s very rare to find yourself fitting in as soon as you join an organization. The only word I can think of is ‘easy. How easy my transition into this organization was.

What are some of the tech and tools you get to play with in your role?

I was a decision scientist in my last job. There, I was exposed to working with tools like R and Python. Today, as a customer scientist I work with a range of technologies such as SQL, SCALA, Python, R and have even delved into the realm of JAVA and some aspects of big data engineering like Airflow and Spark applications. Not only has this given me a broader understanding of how all these adjacent systems work but has also better prepared me to analyse problems through a broader lens.

What kind of support you receive from your teammates / the company?

Passion for the work we do and an eagerness to learn. That’s what  Crayon expects of every single employee. On my path to growth, Crayon has supported my ambitions through a truly transparent management style. Knowing they have your back, no matter what, has been one of the biggest drivers of growth for me within the organization.