From the Drawing Board – Vidhya Nair, Bazaar Lead

Published April 15, 2021   |   

FTDB Vidhya 6

The best part of my role as Bazaar Lead at Crayon is that I get to collaborate with a lot of internal and external stakeholders. Bazaar is a key business vertical and driving its success is an organization wide goal. Which makes working across teams a huge part of my role. This allows me to work with experts in sales, marketing, product, engineering and client success and learn from each and every individual. And this is the most fab part of my role! ?  

Also, I am slowly but surely learning the art of not just thinking data first, but using the data to craft a superior experience for consumers, enterprises or merchants. It is a key tenet that I believe makes me better able to communicate effectively with stakeholders in my role. 

Especially since Bazaar has two sets of target audiences with very different requirements. One is the banks themselves, and two, the merchants. Plus, I give them context on why personalization adds value to their business. Understanding what they need and showing them how Bazaar can deliver that is a big part of my role.

Why I joined #TeamCrayon 

What drew me in is Crayon’s vision of addressing lack of relevance as well as its commitment to respect consumer privacy. The people and culture are what keep me here – the diversity of people with varied expertise but the adherence to key values such as teamwork and mission makes Crayon a fabulous place to be. 

Since I joined Crayon during the peak of COVID-1 lockdown in 2020, I had my virtual onboarding. Bonding with the team has taken place over every meeting, where teammates have expressed interest is learning more about me and talking about their own interests and things happening with them. That has led to building rapport with each member.