From the Drawing Board – Chinmoy Rajurkar, Junior Product Manager

Published February 2, 2021   |   

From the drawing board Chinmoy

What is the most exciting or challenging thing you’ve learned?

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

I’ve heard this rather cheesy aphorism more than I can count, and for the longest time, I had trouble believing it. However, this rings true when you’re surrounded by brilliant people, as I am with my team.

Every day is a new learning experience – whether for new technologies across the stack or new data science algos that the team is considering.

One of the most challenging aspects of my work is to design products for a diverse set of users as we do at Crayon, but that discovery aspect of building products is also one of the most exciting things that I enjoy working on.

What is it like working with Crayons?

In my role, I collaborate with people across multiple functions. Be it our tech-xperts or the marketing gurus, what always astounds me is how vibrant and driven everyone is. Everyone seems to have an extra hand to lend despite having both hands full, and the energy is infectious.

When you work with a team that has your back at all levels, you cannot help but be grateful and look forward to every day!

What are some of the tech and tools you get to use in your role?

Apart from the standard Office tools, I tend to think visually, so I do most of my brainstorming on Miro, a digital whiteboard tool. I also use Figma occasionally.

Coming from a data science foundation, I also like to dabble with Python, SQL, and Spark (scala and pyspark) whenever I find the opportunity to do so.

What kind of support do you receive from your teammates / the company?

I like to think of the support I get from my teammates and the organization as an enormous melting pot of ideas.

One of the best aspects of what makes this place fantastic is how everyone is not only allowed to but empowered to wear different hats at work. Further, everyone gets the freedom to experiment and explore and develop expertise in whatever domain they operate in.

I’ve seen some of the most wicked problems addressed with ingeniously creative solutions because of our team-first thinking.