Get set, grow

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Published April 4, 2014   |   

Excerpts from the report
Take the case of I Vijaya Kumar, a long timer with Wipro, where, as CTO, he was popularly known as IVK. Eventually IVK decided to move on and pursue his own calling. “I have always been interested in new technologies and innovation ecosystems. Even at Wipro, I was involved in dealing with startups and new technologies for a long time. I came across a few interesting opportunities worth pursuing in education tablets and digital tourism and it was time to move on,” he says.
Besides being an angel investor/advisor/ accelerator for various startups in association with a few others, IVK is closely involved with Crayon Data, a Singapore-based startup that is navigating the ocean of Big Data. “Big Data is an interesting combination of problem of computation and challenge of visuali­sa­tion. At Crayon Data, we str­ive to simplify the choices for a business user with a blend of advanced computational science and insightful visual language. We are seeing good traction in the market for our products and believe that we are moving into our year of scale now,” he added.