How Artificial Intelligence is helping decrease employee burnout!

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Published January 4, 2019   |   

Now that people have become so dependent on technology, it is being integrated into almost every aspect of life and business, even making a debut in HR. We know that artificial intelligence has been used for the hiring process, like scanning cover letters and examining resumes. But now, companies are using AI to help monitor and maintain employee wellness to decrease burnout.

Employee burnout is a huge problem that businesses face. It can cost a company loss in thousands of dollars and countless hours every year. And that is why it’s important for employees as well as HR personnel to keep an eye out for burnout signs. With the help of advanced technology and developed AI, this process of monitoring has become more accurate. AI is working to prevent such losses while also creating an attractive work environment. Here are a few of the ways it’s taking action to prevent overworked employees.

Tell employees when to step away

Typically, when HR personnel asks an employee whether they’re doing alright, the response would most likely be “Yes, I’m fine.” Even if the employee in question is feeling overwhelmed, depressed or in the need of a breather. “I’m fine,” is a white lie people often say in order to cover up they’re actual emotions. Because no one likes to admit otherwise. But because of this white lie, HR can’t prove whether or not a person is actually feeling burned out or not. So, they have to go by what the employee says.

So, what is the solution? AI! Artificial intelligence can analyze computer behaviors of workers in question, that’ll tell a different story.

AI can understand what kind of behavior is normal and what’s out of the ordinary. If an employee that is usually very efficient with their time suddenly becomes slow and unproductive in their work, it’s a red flag that they’re getting burnt out and need a break. HR can use the data collected by AI as evidence for telling employees why they need a vacation. Workers are often hesitant to take much-needed time off. But now companies can have solid evidence as to why it’s necessary. Upon returning from a short work leave, employees tend to have more motivation, a better attitude, improved focus. And overall, they are more effective, efficient and proactive in the work that they do.

Automate repetitive tasks

As easy as some tasks may be, employees can become bored or irritated by monotony. Creating invoices, filling out weekly reports, responding to emails, and customer support day after day can wear out employees. If they are annoyed by the amount of time it takes to create an invoice and feels their time can be better used elsewhere, they’re likely to look for another job.

Many of these simple tasks can be automated and eliminate employee frustration. Instead of an employee filling out a tedious reporting spreadsheet, artificial intelligence can do the job. Save an employee from having to chat with customers for a few hours and create an AI chatbot to take over. Not only will your employees be happier, but they will also be more productive as they can focus their efforts on the important stuff instead of squandering away their valuable work hours on dull activities.

Be a therapist

At work, we often encounter stressful situations. In such instances, we aren’t able to properly concentrate on our work. This can lead to employees becoming overwhelmed and unproductive, which is frustrating to everyone in the office. To combat this, AI can act as a therapist for individuals and groups alike.

Going to see a therapist in person can be expensive. Furthermore, their sessions can be long and hard to schedule. By encouraging the use of AI chatbots for psychological purposes, it eliminates almost every difficult aspect of therapy. It’s available at any time, doesn’t require an hour or more for a session and is free to those who use it.

The earliest forms of artificial intelligence were created based on principles of psychology. Woebot is a chatbot that can converse with people to help them through stress, anxiety, and depression. Unlike a normal therapy session, chatting with a bot doesn’t have to take long. You can talk for just a few minutes here and there and you don’t even need to leave your desk. It’s a simple solution yet can yield extremely effective results and prevent issues from arising in the future.

Personalize employee experience

People want to work for a company that appreciates them and will help them grow in their career. When workers can’t see ways to advance in their company, it can be discouraging. This can motivate them to look to other companies that offer the potential for growth they desire, leaving the current place of work high and dry.

Artificial intelligence can be instrumental in helping people map out a possible career path. Some businesses have already implemented AI as a human resources assistant. They use it to help their employees recognize what skills they have already and what they need to develop in order to be promoted. It can also help people figure out where their abilities are most needed within the company. This is beneficial to the individuals looking to grow their career as well as HR and management who might be looking to fill holes in different departments.

Employees also want to be a part of an organization that cares about them not only in their professional life but their personal life, as well. When a company takes interest in each individual employee and their aspirations, talents and other things they are passionate about, workers feel more welcome. As such, they are likely to leave if they feel the organization is taking advantage of their dedication without returning the favor.

AI can help keep track of people and their talents and personal interests and show management and HR where they can best be utilized. Even if the company doesn’t plan on giving a worker a new position based on a skill or passion they just discovered, if management lets that person know they are aware of their abilities and that they appreciate them, it could go a long way.

Everyone can benefit from AI

Management and HR may seem a little hesitant to be so reliant on technology in helping them perform their job functions, but there’s nothing wrong with utilizing AI’s abilities. All business models can implement artificial intelligence to reduce the number of burned out workers. It can make companies more attractive to potential workers and retain the people they hire for much longer. Employees will be grateful that AI works hard to keep them happy and companies overall will reap the benefits.