How big data will impact sales [Infographic]

Published February 11, 2016   |   

Big Data has become a buzzword for businesses of all sizes. One big aspect of it is its tremendous potential to boost sales. Big Data is now believed to play an imperative role in generating prospective leads that chief managers could convert into sales by devising right marketing strategies.
Big Data is basically the massive amount of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data available from social media, CRM solutions, websites, news feeds etc. With adequate Big Data analytical tools, businesses can get a deep insight into customer’s behavior and target them with products they are actually interested in and are most likely to buy.
IBM and Cloudera have already made a mark in Big Data market by emerging as top providers of Big Data Solution to big firms that want to climb their sales through custom data acquisition. Various project management platforms, and start-ups are also trying to grab the opportunity to get quality data from these big data solution providers.
Big Data crunching enables businesses to identify genuine prospects from a big lot of leads. Once there is a clarity over genuine prospects, efforts could be easily made through phone, mails, social channels etc to convert them into sales and bolster the coffer.
Impact of Big Data Services on Business Sales & Marketing