How online grocery shopping will affect retail [Infographic]

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Published December 23, 2019   |   

Look around you: online grocery shopping is now a reality, whether you’ve begun to take advantage of it or not. It’s most prevalent in sprawling urban areas given the population density of bustling cities, but retailers like Amazon are already looking into strategies to take online grocery shopping to the doorsteps of customers in spread out rural areas, too.
So, what does this mean for retailers? Well, it presents an opportunity. If trends indicate anything, more and more shoppers are taking advantage of mobile shopping. This means more Americans will be scrolling down digital aisles in the near future, as 70% of Americans are predicted to purchase groceries online by 2022.
While major online retailers may seem to have the market cornered, there are opportunities for smaller businesses. For instance, smaller businesses can incorporate niche products and target consumers that are looking for products not offered on large sites. This could mean working alongside other local businesses to meet these demands. Whatever the case may be, businesses both small and large are looking into how they can meet customer demands. Check out the infographic from Wikibuy below to learn more.
The Rise of Online Grocery Shopping