How retailers are using location data to help bring in business

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Published March 31, 2017   |   

We are using data in so many different ways today across all different industries. Data helps businesses to operate more efficiently and smoothly, it makes information sharing possible, and provides clients and customers will new levels of service. Well now data, specific location or GEO data, is being used by retailers to help bring in business.

Transforming the traditional maps

Where it used to be that a person would need to use a map or ask for directions to find a store they hadn’t been to before, once the dawn of the Internet occurred that all changed. Those changes basically haven’t stopped with new technology constantly being introduced meant to help people find retailers and businesses in general.

Well, now you’ve got the Amasty Magento regional extensions available to businesses. In a nutshell, Magento is an eCommerce platform that some of the biggest retailers and businesses are using today. Magento is able to use extensions that help it to do more and make it even more effective for your needs. Some of the top brands using Magento today are Men’s Health, Olympus, Samsung, Levono, and Nike, but it’s not just reserved for big companies.

As for the regional extensions, they make it possible to display your stores on a Google map with additional information. It no longer has to be just a simple pin on a map.

What’s in it for you?

As the business owner, the first question that pops into mind is usually “what’s in it for me”. In terms of regional extensions, there are quite a few benefits.

It offers community support: A cool aspect about Magento is that it is open source and is actually driven by developers from all over the world who are working to improve it on a regular basis. This means that you’ll be getting the best of the best.

Ideal for mobile commerce: This is the factor that should really hit home, as Magento is working harder than ever to offer mobile support that is smooth, reliable, and fast.

Is can support multi-stores: If you happen to have multiple online stores Magento will be able to support them with ease. There are a number of features, tools, and customization options that make it work for your specific needs.

The regional extensions allow for better customer experience: These extensions make it possible to display extra information about each individual store location. You can go ahead and import the GEO IP data, upload images, use different colors to have your stores stand out, and even use categories or products and have them appear with each location. It allows for a highly specific “pin” on the map.

Make use of geolocation: The regional extensions will use a person’s geolocation and then give them the information on the map of the closest stores.

Technology advances can spell out a boost in sales

It’s amazing just how much technology has affected the retailer industry, with e-commerce being the norm nowadays. These regional extensions will only help to make that online data more efficiently than ever before, helping retailers to gain more customers that lead to more sales.