How technology is bridging the gap between income and college studies

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Published July 30, 2020   |   

Technology has become a part of our daily lives for years now. What seemed to be impossible before can now be done in just a few button clicks. And for students, the availability of these new technological conveniences has made it easy to accomplish a number of goals, even for those who lack the financial capacity. Nowadays, anyone can earn money and go to school without having to leave home and with just the right tools and a stable connection. Study shows that 8 out of 10 students work while in college and if you are one of these college students who may be struggling to make ends meet, here are some ways for you to start earning money online.

  1. Sign Up for Research Studies

Are you willing to spare your time to help with some research studies? There are lots of scientific, medical and clinical researchers looking for volunteers and are willing to pay a reasonable amount of money to reward their research participants. These research studies can vary and you have a lot of research to choose from. Just see to it that you read the fine prints first and understand what is involved and what you can expect. This way, you get to make an informed decision if a certain research is something you would want to participate in.

  1. Start an Amazon FBA Store

Amazon is one huge marketplace, with millions of online shoppers flocking it regularly. If you have a passion for selling products or have the resource to establish and maintain an online store, then starting an Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) store can be the right income resource for you. With an FBA store, you won’t have to worry about handling all the shipping tasks since Amazon will take care of that for you. You will store all your products in an Amazon fulfillment center, then they will take care of packing and shipping out the products for you. All you’ll have to do is to keep your Amazon store up to date and make sure that you have enough stocks available in the fulfillment centers.

  1. Start a Blog

Do you have a passion for writing or creating videos? If you do, then you might want to start your own blog. Whether you are into writing or shooting and editing videos, a blog can be a good source of income for you. It may be a slow start, but as you continue to build your blog’s rankings and start to gain better visibility online, more and more people will visit your pages and brands may start contacting you for collaborations and promotions. You can get paid for certain articles or videos that you produce or publish on your site on behalf of a brand or entity.

  1. Be a Transcriber

Transcription work is one of the easiest tasks for people with precise hearing. There are many crowdsourcing sites on the internet that offer a reasonable pay for transcribing recordings. Websites like TranscribeMe, GoTranscript and oTranscribe are some of the top websites to visit if you want to start earning as a transcriber. Quick guides and training are provided before you can start any transcription tasks, and for each recording that you finish transcribing, you get paid for it.

  1. Write Content for Websites

Another way to make use of your writing skills is by working as a freelance content writer. There are also many websites online that can provide you with a steady stream of content to write and clients to work with. Websites such as ContentWriters, Express Writers, and CrowdContent are good places to start from if you want to take advantage of your writing skills to earn money while studying college.

  1. Establish a Dropshipping Business

If you are thinking about selling online but don’t want to bother with maintaining your product stocks, then starting a dropshipping business is the perfect way to do this. Through a dropshipping business, you can sell products being sold by other online sellers, and whenever someone buys from you, you can then forward the order to the seller who will then ship out the order to your customer. This way, you won’t have to handle the product packing and shipping.

  1. Be an Online Tutor

Are you good with academics? If you are knowledgeable with various subjects such as math, science, physics and other subjects that other people may find difficult, then you can use your knowledge to earn money through tutoring. You can offer your tutoring skills to your fellow college students, or to kids who may be struggling with their studies. You can choose to offer an in-person tutoring service or you can also do it virtually. Some online tutoring services are also available online wherein you get connected to students who need tutoring from various parts of the country or even from other parts of the world.

  1. Work as a Proofreader

If you have a flawless grammar and feel like it’s something that you can use for a living, then you might want to consider working as a proofreader. You can use your grammar knowhow to improve the grammatical content of articles, online content and other publications. You can offer your proofreading services to your fellow college students or to other people within your area. You can also check out a number of freelancing platforms online, such as Upwork and Fiverr, to find some proofreading jobs that you can take on.

  1. Become a Social Media Manager

Are you an avid social media user? If you know a lot of tips and tricks on how to manage social media accounts properly, gain followers and grow an online community for brands and businesses, then working as a social media manager is perfect for you. You can even manage multiple accounts at once and make the most of your free time from school to earn some money.

  1. Work as a Data Entry Specialist

How’s your typing speed and accuracy? If it’s fast and accurate, then you might want to start earning money by doing data entry jobs. Plus, this job doesn’t require any additional skills from you apart from just your speed and accuracy in typing. The more data you can process, the bigger the money you can earn. You can work offices and businesses within your locality or you can check the different freelancing platforms online to find different data entry jobs from various clients all over the world.

  1. Be a Search Engine Evaluator

Do you like visiting different websites and checking their performance? If you are internet-savvy and would like to use this trait of yours to earn some money, then you might want to work as a search engine evaluator. As a search engine evaluator, you will work with search engine companies like Google to provide some educated feedback and helpful insights about various websites online. Your job will entail checking and visiting websites then providing ratings on their quality and relevance to search results.

So if you feel like you have what it takes to use your tech tools and gadgets to earn money, then these jobs might just be the key to helping you get past your financial problems in college. This part of your life may be challenging, but with the right resources and information, you’ll be able to find online earning opportunities that are perfect for you.