How to improve your productivity with AI and Machine Learning?

Published March 15, 2019   |   

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology have advanced so much, that it has touched both the personal and professional lives of people. Even if you are only using an eCommerce software or a mobile application, there is a good chance that you are making use of AI technology, whether you know it or not.

According to a study by Gartner, AI will create about 2.3 million new job roles. While destroying 1.8 million jobs as well. This merely indicates the changing nature of the overall job market. It is essential for future candidates to know the basics of AI, machine learning, and other emerging technologies to be competitive in today’s world.


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In order to walk the extra mile, you can enroll in some AI/machine learning courses. Learn how you can write machine learning with Python. Python is perhaps the most desired programming languages for AI/machine learning and data science. So, you will never regret your decision of learning a bit of programming.

In this article, you will get to know how you can use and get the most out of the AI/machine learning tools in your workplace.

How to use AI/ML tools to improve productivity?

You can find a lot of articles on how businesses can improve their efficiency via AI/machine learning tools. However, there is not much out there when it comes to how employees can make use of AI/machine learning tools for improving their performance.

1.  Let your boss tell you what to improve on

It is highly likely that your corporation is using some AI/machine learning technology for enhancing their business performance. Many AI tools currently have predictive insights features that can handle the existing data to give valuable insights to the business.

If your boss has set the right goal, he/she will tell you the things that you need to improve on for enhancing your work performance. With the help of those insights, you can know your weaknesses and improve on those specific areas.

2.  Make full use of smart content

There is a massive problem of information overload in today’s world. Dealing with all of them can lead to a lot of confusions. What is so confusing is that many content providers have different opinions. There is no single right answer, and there are plenty of ways to achieve a goal. However, consuming content from many sources can make it difficult to learn a concept.

Thankfully, there is a smart learning platform that can help you break down various training materials. The simulated scenarios that can help you learn by experience. You will get much more out of the available information if you only sit down and go through articles, books, and company manuals.

You can also make use of different types of content, such as video, podcast, infographics, and so on to enhance your learning speed.


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3.  Know your level via quizzes

In most of the training materials, you will find quizzes to help you engage with the content. The employers are likely to add a grading system to every quiz component. You must take the initiative and learn from the training videos and courses to get a good result from quizzes. After that, you should evaluate yourself.

There is also an option of using an AI platform for scanning specific keywords in specific sets of answers to get the best possible results.

4.  Treat chatbots as your friend in need

There are times when we need to find answers and specific pieces of content. You should understand how to fully utilize the power of chatbots to get the most out of it.

You can plan your work schedule and make a list of questions to ask. What is so great about modern chatbots is that it can quickly pull out relevant pieces of content and answer your queries as soon as you ask them. There is no need for you to ask other employees about your confusions. It can drastically improve your productivity.


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5.  Assign the right staff at the right place

We can often get only a small percentage of potential output from our team members. It will adversely affect our performance as a leader. The use of AI technology can help eliminate this problem.

The AI technology can help managers find out the needs of staffs in the future to meet the workplace pressure and monitor their real-time performance. Furthermore, AI technology can also check out the experience level and skill set of employees and tell us what position is the best for them.

When we assign the optimum number of employees and best staffs, according to their skill sets and experience, it improves not only their performance but also the performance of leaders.

6.  You can learn remotely

The survey report shows that the demand for remote learning is increasing at a steady rate. The best thing about AI technology is that you can implement AI anywhere and there is no restriction from your location.

Let AI decide the virtual training options for you to learn and grow, even when you are out of your workplace.

7.  Let personal digital assistants help you out

There are tasks that you must do but are not that useful for your growth. You can make use of personal digital assistants to automate tasks that consume your time to help you spend more time on tasks that can boost your skills and are more valuable to organizations.

Your digital assistant is powerful enough to use AI for processing various variables and provide fact-driven recommendations to help you make appropriate decisions. You have an intelligent digital assistant at your fingertip and can use it for speeding your time at which you perform tasks.

8.  Use smart timesheets for your advantage

There is no need for you to waste your time, filling out manual timesheets. You can track your time in a much more convenient manner with a smart timesheet, allowing you to complete a specific task at a given time.

The smart timesheet will let you see your productivity and time that you allocate different tasks throughout the day. You will get a hint of your loopholes, allowing you to get a better result in the time to come if you insist on enhancing skills that could help you improve your productivity.


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Over to you

There is a lot of changes and opportunities that you are about to witness in future times. Those who are willing to learn and improve can earn tons of money, while those who are resistant to change are going to suffer.

No longer will you be able to gain a competitive edge by only implementing AI and machine learning tools in your workplace. You need to know how to effectively use those tools to get the most out of those tools. In addition to that, you need to keep yourself updated and discern what tools are relevant to your profession.

I hope you have got some useful insights via this article. If you want to add or share anything that is in your mind, feel free to comment below. I will gladly answer your queries.