Tips to improve your cash flow through integrated payments

Published August 30, 2019   |   

We all know that running a business can be difficult – after all, there are a wide variety of factors you have to consider and keep up with. Depending on the size and overall infrastructure of your business, you may find it hard to keep up with the day to day tasks required to effectively run your business.

However, business professions have spent years attempting to find the best ways to run a successful business, no matter what your dynamic, budget, and staff looks like. Below, we have gathered the top tips from pros in the business field to help you make your business as profitable as possible, using integrated payments.

Automate your ledgers

One of the hardest aspects of billing, often, is record keeping. Far too many businesses have run into issues when it comes to bookkeeping. This, often, is due to the fact it is all too easy to misplace a payment or forget to document it properly when it is received.

Using software to automate your payment ledgers, however, makes it far easier to ensure that all payments are correctly entered and accounted for. Furthermore, this type of software allows your end-user to see and review information online, on-demand – which assists in better understanding of invoices all the way around.

Many business owners have advised that when they switched to an online, integrated payment and billing system, that in many cases they found their clients were less likely to protest or attempt to dispute billing, as the invoice was readily available to review.

Track payments as they are received

When a client provides a payment through an online billing and payment gateway, such as OpenEdge the payments are systematically documented and added as credits to invoices, allowing you to see when clients have made payments, as well as the amount received and the amount still owed.

Meaning you no longer have to utilize separate accounting software to determine the amount spent on projects versus the amount a client has paid toward the project and the amount still due.

While this may seem to be a small feat, it takes quite a lot of work out for the middle man and allows you to improve your overall cash flow – primarily, in that you will be far less likely to take losses on projects as you can automate the billing and payment process.

Use accounting systems to increase earnings

One of the best parts about utilizing accounting software is the ability to see where your money is going – who is paying you, who you are paying, and when payments are late. Furthermore, you can use the software to determine what funds may be required for particular projects. As well as to determine when you need to increase fees to see to it that projects are completed on time.

The software itself allows you to take control of your finances, putting you in charge of your money again. All too often, business owners have to hire personal accountants to determine the funds that are processed, or else attempt to tackle these issues themselves. Often, handling money and ensuring payments are collected can be a difficult process, and takes time and energy.

Therefore, utilizing accounting services through integrated payments will allow you to see to it that your business is as successful as possible, at the end of each day.


When it comes to streamlining your accounting process, making sure each client is accountable for their payments, and determining when you need to increase prices to maintain business needs, integrated payment software is often one of the most beneficial tools that can be used. With a variety of different needs, tasks, and options to look at, it can often seem overwhelming to try to keep up.

Integrated payment software will take at least some of the work off of your shoulder providing you with more time to focus on your clients and your projects – which, in the long run, will help better your business, as you have more time to focus on the final product at hand.