Indian-Singapore start-up to launch consumer 'Taste Graph'

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Published October 22, 2013   |   

An Indian-Singapore start-up is set to launch next year a “Taste Graph” data that could revolutionise consumers relationships with service-based business houses through information technology.
The Taste Graph would provide simple data on specific requirements of consumers to marketing businesses, giving them more knowledge to provide specific services to the people, said Suresh V Shanker, co-founder of the start-up, Crayondata.
The data would be used by retail outlets, banks, telecom and hospitality companies.
The final product, Choice Engine, would be for businesses to use the Taste Graph data to meet their customer and consumer requirements, said Shanker, an Indian-origin IT industry veteran who has worked with international groups for the past 17 years in Singapore.
Crayondata is currently working on the Taste Graph data covering consumers in India and Singapore.
“We aim to make big data simple for companies providing services to the people,” Shanker added.
Taste Graph aims to collate essential choices of consumers or customers from a wide variety of choices, and in some cases as many as 1,000 and that remains a challenge for service-based houses to understand and match the demand of end-product users, he said. [Read More]