How the influence of technology will change the way we travel

Published September 5, 2019   |   

The travel industry is advancing and the influence of technology is expected to change traveling forever. Artificial Intelligence, social networking websites, electronic payment, smartphones and more are going to change traveling in very many ways.

With the influence of technology, we will be traveling faster and there will be better and more enjoyable places to stay alongside useful applications and systems which will allow us to travel often.

Traveling will be faster and less harmful to the environment.

With travel technology, traveling will be more eco-friendly. Printing a plane ticket, hotel booking or boarding pass will no longer be necessary. Reservation will be done online through e-ticketing and mobile check-ins. This implies that a lot of paper will be saved and travelers will never have to bother about having many documents whenever they are traveling. We do not even need to ask how fast can we travel in space with current technology. The technology will allow for online bookings and reservations which is the best time travel technology that will save time.

The routines of packing will change and so much space will be saved

Travel technology systems will attempt to squeeze many functions and duties in one small gadget. For instance, nowadays people do not require an iPod in order to listen to songs. With the iTunes or Spotify applications, people can stream any song from wherever they are. This also applies to books. People do not need to bother about where they will keep lots of books, Amazon Kindles save so much space.

Technology will enable people to overcome language barriers

People are used to carrying phrasebooks written in the language of the region they are traveling to. With the influence of technology, all that travelers will have to carry is their Smartphone containing apps such as iTranslate or Google Translate. Google Translate, for instance, allows users to use their phone camera to translate symbols or menus.Additionally, many developers are also integrating Google Translate APIs or other alternatives into their apps or websites, allowing users to browse their websites in their native languages.
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Technology will change the process of booking flights, accessing hotel services and communicating daily events

Chatbots which are the future space travel technology will be the best traveling companions. Most flight and hotel companies will offer their clients messaging options. They will do so by either making it possible for them to text using applications or via messaging platforms such as Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger. The main influence of technology in Chatbots is that they will become great assets to the traveling business.

The chatbots allow travelers to interact with artificial intelligence or human beings through an interface for chatting.  

Also, considering the fact that messaging applications are lately turning to be a social networking platform, it is necessary for the traveling sector to include that kind of service in its repertoire.

For example, there exists a chatbot known as HiJiffy which introduces travelers to hotel representatives via Facebook Messenger. Artificial Intelligence enables the bot reply to the many frequently asked questions. Travelers may check availability, charges, and book on Facebook Messenger. Besides that, if the chatbot is unable to reply to a question, it can pass the question to a human being and use BlueTooth handsfree car kit reviews. The bots will revolutionize the sector of hospitality by giving hotels a gadget which can give travelers the best service. 

Traveling will be simpler and secure with electronic payment

Everything will be very easy with the influence of technology through Google Wallet, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay. The main advantages of going cashless are: 

  • Travelers will never require carrying cash or credit cards and neither will they queue at ATMs to withdraw money. 
  • The risk especially traveling far where losing money will be so inconveniencing will be minimized. 
  1. Technology will bring more personalized and great experiences.

Most travelers, especially those still young desire customized or wonderful encounters. Technology in travel and tourism through things like bots, blogs, niche sites, services, and applications has formed a room whereby travelers may allow thoughts to run violent and end up discovering the actual-life version of their fantasy journey.


The influence of technology will change how people travel forever. Travel technology news has also revealed that because of technology, travelers are going to have more demands and their traveling patterns will change. Did you enjoy reading our article? What do you feel about the changes that technology is expected to make in the travel industry? Please share your views and you can send us your questions in case you have any. We will ensure to get back to you as soon as possible