How is the integration of technology making cars safer?

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Published September 18, 2020   |   

During the past few decades, there have been incredible inventions that have revolutionized the way we drive the car. The motive behind these inventions is to make driving hassle-free, safe, and cut the cost of buying and maintaining a vehicle in the future.

Besides, eco-friendly features are increasingly becoming a norm in the automotive sector, which will lessen the use of non-renewable energy resources and the hazardous impact of fuel emissions.

Tech modifications in the automotive industry are relatively fast-paced. Introducing innovations is the topmost priority of automobile manufacturers to cater to customers’ demands for creativity, convenience, and, above all, safety.

Recently, the Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration revealed that 94% of US accidents happen due to human error.

Amalgamating cutting edge technology into the cars of the future is going to make them safer and reduce the number of accidents. Read on to know some fascinating features which will make cars a lot more secure.

Active Health Monitoring

Working on the principle of “safety first,” many companies like Ford and Lexus have now introduced a new technology, namely “Active Health Monitoring.”

As the name suggests, this system senses the driver’s health condition and notifies whether it is safe to drive or not. Feedback sensors with electrodes are placed at points like seatbelt and steering to test certain factors to keep the driver’s health in check.

The system tracks blood pressure, heart rate, glucose, and other vitals of the driver, eliminating the risk of accidents if their condition suddenly deteriorates.

Autonomous Driving

We all want to see cars driving themselves without a human behind the wheels, right?

Yes, that will happen very soon, thanks to the manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, and BMW, who are already testing self-driving cars. According to IBM, by 2030, 15% of all new cars will be self-driving.

Self-driving cars are being developed with highly advanced automated features that will make driving a lot safer. As very little or no human input is required, this invention will cut back the risks related to human errors.

As per a 2015 study, it is estimated that car accidents will drop by 90% as autonomous cars become prevalent on roads.

Brain Wave Technology

A skull cap device that tracks brain activity is integrated into some new cars. As this skull cap detects a driver’s actions, it quickens the action that needs to be taken, even before the human brain comprehends and accepts a decision.

This driver-assisted technology is introduced by Nissan, who made an announcement regarding it back in 2018.

AI Dashboard

Augmented reality does its magic again as automobile manufacturers are now introducing the idea of transforming your windscreen as a screen to display essential information.

Information such as gas mileage, speed, weather, and navigation can be viewed via holographic symbols. Audi has already integrated this AI feature in its recently released Audi MM.

It is a remarkable innovation that ensures a safe drive as drivers don’t need to take their eyes off the road to view information.

Safety Sensors

In the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), tire pressure sensors, collision control sensors, and even lane change sensors are to be placed all over the car exterior, monitoring the vehicle’s surroundings.

These sensors greatly enhance the predictive capabilities of the car and make it safer. They also provide much needed proactive maintenance by notifying the driver beforehand if there is a need to repair or rectify any fault.

Cars are being fitted with state of the art cameras whose 360-degree view helps in parking accurately and clarifies navigation through blind junctions.

Any hidden objects that can be missed through the driver’s angle are easily checked, avoiding the collisions that otherwise happen due to this reason.

Communication Between Car And Traffic Infrastructure

Futuristic cars will be able to exchange information with the traffic systems. The correspondence would result in the system notifying before any upcoming extreme weather condition or a breakdown.

Electric Cars Minimizing Emissions

CO2 emissions from cars is one of the biggest contributors to air pollution. Cars that run on fuel emit hazardous smoke as a by-product, which contributes towards an unhealthy atmosphere.

As compared to cars that run on fuel, electric cars emit 67% fewer greenhouse gases than gasoline cars, making them the right choice for a safe future.

Anti-lock Brake System (ABS)

The anti-lock brake system prevents a car from locking during conditions where heavy braking is implied. This technology lets a driver have higher control over his car, preventing wheel skidding and improving the overall experience of the drive.

Night Vision With Pedestrian Detection

Already a part of Cadillac’s Deville Sedan since 2000, night vision with pedestrian detection will prevent several night-time collisions due to a limited vision.

The system is activated when the car speed exceeds 25 mph. The system uses an infrared camera to display pedestrians on the navigation display of the dashboard.

Automated Control Of High Beam In Headlights

Another feature that everyone would appreciate in cars of the future is the automatically controlled headlights. On highways, high beams cause danger to the driver coming from an adjacent road.

These modern headlights will mitigate this danger as they will adjust automatically according to the road’s direction – diminishing if a vehicle is approaching from the other direction – and will adjust their intensity according to the condition of daylight.

Getting your hands on the cars of the future

If you are looking to buy a car with the most top-notch and technologically advanced safety features, you can easily find them at any authentic automobile dealerships near you.

Moreover, you can also buy these cars through online dealerships. These dealerships offer multiple warranties and finance plans to make the car buying process easier for you.

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It is surreal how advanced technology is revolutionizing every sector, including the automobile arena. The remarkable features in cars will enable us to commute safely.

Not only will they make our journeys safe, but they will also ensure a smooth driving experience for the customers