Is 2015 truly ‘The Year of Big Data’?

Published January 8, 2015   |   
Baiju NT

Will big data transform education in 2015? Will big data make government more transparent? Will big data and analytics make tremendous progress this year in the form of emerging technologies, adoption of data-driven decision making, and scientific breakthroughs? Will big data revolutionize business, institutions, and our lives between now and December 31?
In his latest article “Big Data Faces the Curse of the Calendar”, James M. Connolly says that “all of those things may happen, but they aren’t going to occur with the flip of some switch behind a wall calendar.” Why? Because he says that technology takes time.
He says “I fall back on the example of a technology that we can take out of a box and start to use immediately, the most advanced smartphones the world has ever known. Revolutionary? No, they came together piece by piece, starting with a spotty cell network that was accessed via “bag phones” more than 20 years ago. The network got bigger and faster, the phones got smaller, and better. We added new services and portfolios of applications evolved. There were moments of dramatic change, such as the introduction of the iPhone, but the real innovation was piecemeal.”
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