Is artificial intelligence (AI) the next step of smart learning?

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Published February 12, 2019   |   

Silicon on its way to transforming lives has affected almost every industry in one way or the other. One such industry where computers and the internet have started taking over is education.

Since the year 2000, the growth of online education as an industry has been of 900%. Massive, right? Well, with AI it’s only going to rise.

The process that keeps a program learning and evolving with each input, artificial intelligence can be a really useful tool. With its key features, it can add a great deal to any business.

But how can it exactly contribute to the education industry? Let us find out in this article.

AI the next step of smart learning. Really? How?

While there can be arguments about AI and its corporation with smart learning, one thing is certain that AI can help make it better.

1. It keeps getting better

Let us start with where it starts. Machine learning.

Just as the name suggests, machine learning is the process through which compatible programmed electronic devices/software evolve their systems with every input.

Let us take it like this.

An eLearning course conducts tests of three subjects (X, Y, Z namely) and two students appear for the first series of these tests. Results come out. One of the students performs great in subjects X and Y but does poor in Z. While the other one performs great in Y and Z and fails test X.

This means that the first student needs to focus better on subject Z and the second one needs to work hard on subject X.

Now an eLearning course with the help of AI will be able to present personalized tips or suggestions or course help relating to the subject(s) which each student is weak in.

And that’s not all. An AI integrated smart learning course can cater to a number of other needs.

2. It can find areas where the course needs to improve

Another great advantage of machine learning and AI for the education industry is that it can help teachers enhance the quality of a given course.


Read about its ability to use students’ test results to show them better tips and suggestions, right? Based on the same results it can also suggest teachers work on course quality or remind them about a missed topic.

For example, if a large number of students give the wrong answer to questions relating to a specific topic, the topic might not have been made clear. Or might even have been missed.

AI can be used to notify teachers and course designers about the same.

3. Can provide students and educators helpful feedback

One important aspect of any educational course is feedback.

If your teachers stop talking about your shortcomings, you might never excel.

AI can make sure that doesn’t happen. Based on every student’s performance, an AI-driven smart learning platform/course would provide teachers and students with relevant, valuable feedback.

Both teachers and students can use this feedback to work on weak areas.

4. It might change the experience of online education. Entirely!

eLearning is already transforming the way education works. And then the introduction of AI to smart learning will inflict many new changes into the realm of education.

AI keeps learning and evolving all the time. As a result, using an AI-driven learning platform for a long time would simply make it so smart that it’ll be able to better its responses against every single user action.

And then it’d also be able to accumulate similar data from all the other users. This way, an AI system can attain expertise in serving that particular audience (students and teachers for a particular course or subject here).

This will surely enhance student and teacher experience and would make education way easier for them.

5. AI can make trial and error learning less frightening

Everyone who ever went to a traditional school would know how it feels to fail and feel insulted in front of peers or authorities like teachers.

eLearning takes away the pain here. And when integrated with AI, it’s much better.

Don’t get it? Stay with me here.

While hit and trial is a good way of learning, students at schools are generally afraid of making embarrassing mistakes. An eLearning course will make it less daunting for students.

And then AI will keep using inputs to give better suggestions to students about their trials and how they can work those up. The aim is to allow students to try new things without the fear of failing or being judged.

An AI environment is perfect for a trial and error based learning. Reason? AI itself uses hits and trials to learn.

6. It can help ease the transition between high school and college

One of the major problems that many students face every now and then is of transition.

You study in a grade and find everything super easy there. And then, the immediate next one drags you to a headache.

This is one thing that many of us have come across at some point in time.

A good AI-driven smart learning course will be able to ensure that this doesn’t happen. To smoothen this transition, the AI system can intimate students of topics that they are to study in the next grade.

This will brief them better making it easier to move onto the next level of learning.

7. AI can help create smart learning content

Now that we have talked about how AI and machine learning go hand in hand, it’s pretty evident that it’s all data-driven.

Data that users (students) provide in one way or the other.

While this data helps AI-driven education platforms help students and educators with feedback and a number of other things, it can also help create content to entertain their learning needs.

And all of this can be done easily. All you need to do is plan your eLearning course and communicate your needs to an LMS consultancy. They’ll get back to you with an LMS quote and if you are happy with that, close the deal.

It’ll help you prepare your eLearning course easily. The right consultancy will also help you with AI integration.

Final words

Education is one business sector which can never go dry.

Obviously, education is important and the introduction of smart educating technologies is making it more comprehensible, which again is a great thing. The integration of AI to make smart learning smarter is still being worked on.

In this article, we tried to discuss the factors that make AI a great bet for amalgamating it with smart learning. However, we’d also like to know what you think about it.

If you have an argument or a suggestion or an opinion, feel free to drop that in the comment box below.