Is hybrid cloud the right choice for your company? 10 questions to ask!

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Published July 7, 2014   |   

Hybrid clouds, which combine internal computing infrastructure with public cloud computing resources, are one potential solution to migrating to cloud computing. Consider these 10 questions to help you decide whether a hybrid cloud is the right strategy for your company.

1: Can I trust my data to the cloud?

A major driver to adopting a hybrid cloud infrastructure is retaining data within the four walls of your company. If your company stores sensitive data and must maintain strict control over that data, leveraging computing resources from the cloud, combined with local data storage, might be a perfect scenario for a hybrid cloud.
2: Can I do a niche function cheaper, better, or faster?

For many organizations, no public cloud solution can provide a unique or proprietary function, and massive, costly homegrown systems have organically expanded around that handful of unique processes. Some of the savings of cloud computing can be realized by keeping the unique function in-house and sending commodity functionality to the cloud. If you have a unique pricing or quoting system, why not use a cloud CRM for the bulk of your sales force automation but leverage a commodity cloud solution for the rest of it?

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