Java in artificial intelligence: How is it used?

Published September 25, 2020   |   

If you have this doubt whether Java can be used for Artificial Intelligence (AI), then, many brilliant Java developers in one voice will say a “YES”. These developers also have the opinion that Java is one of the best programming languages after Python for developing Artificial Intelligence solutions. One thing you need to realise is, there is no individual language only to develop Artificial Intelligence solutions. In spite of that, the existing tools help developers achieve great results when developing AI Solutions.

Today, you’ll see the prevalence of Artificial Intelligence in most of the technologies we use. From search algorithms to artificial neural networks, Smartphone applications, genetic programming and robotics, the presence of Artificial Intelligence has created a helpful impact in the lives of humans. But, how is Java used in AI and what benefits can Java bring to Artificial Intelligence solutions. This blog will provide you with an answer to help your queries.

How is Java used in AI?

When you want to start implementing AI using Java, a basic knowledge of traditional algorithms and concepts are a must. You can learn these through AI courses, specialized books and websites. Inorder to use Java AI libraries which are extremely helpful when developing applications a theoretical background in AI is necessary. There are a large number of AI Libraries in Java and can be used for a variety of usages. There are AI Libraries in Java for Expert Systems, Neural Networks, for Natural Language Processing, for Genetic Algorithms and for Automatic Programming.

Benefits of Using Java for AI

Java is already a popular programming language which offers an AI developer the following benefits:

  1. Ease of debugging
  2. Ease of use
  3. Large-scale projects simplification
  4. Representation of data in graphics
  5. Better interaction with the user

The Virtual Machine Technology of Java allows Java developers to create a single version of the app which is then enabled by running it in the Java supported platforms. It will thus add value to your business. The incorporation of the Standard Widget Toolkit such as Swing and SWT will make the interfaces and graphics in Java to look more appealing and at the same time sophisticated.

Strengths of Java

If you’re choosing Java to develop Artificial Intelligence Applications then, you’ll never be worried about its Maintainability, Transparency and Portability

  • Maintainability

When you use Java for AI, its precise programming features with spaces, access modifiers, and indentation help the code to be maintained easily. When you test the application for all loopholes it will make sure that the code is secure and bug-free. Java applications become highly maintainable if you optimize it with proper documentation.

  • Portability

When you want to transfer a Java Program from an operating system on which it was developed to another, it doesn’t require much rework. The portability nature of Java Programming is its most attractive aspect. For example, a given Java program exhibits the same results on different CPUs and Operating Systems.

  • Security

With the frequent updates in the Java programming language, the security features become more stringent. This will impress anyone who is a technology enthusiast.

How to make Intelligent Business Solutions Using Java?

Java can be called as one of the best languages for AI projects. It is also one of the most loved and commonly used by programming languages. Choosing Java for building AI powered intelligent business solutions can easily bring a digital transformation within your business.

Java for artificial intelligence programming is mostly used to create machine learning solutions, genetic programming, search algorithms, neural networks and multi-robot systems.

Java’s must-have features for AI projects are its object-orientedness and scalability. Virtual machine technology makes Java portable, transparent and maintainable. It will enable you to build a single app version that can run on all Java-supported platforms and thus adding value to your business.

Since artificial intelligence is tightly connected with algorithms, Java in AI programming offers the ability to code different types of algorithms. Java is supported by a large community of developers that makes a diverse range of algorithms to be coded efficiently. While the automation and machine learning capabilities of Java changes the way you use technology in business, it offers the most advanced features for developing intelligent products and services.

Java’s technology infrastructure is equipped with intelligent software that can take your business to new heights. You may start hiring Java developers who can build the desired AI solutions and make your business smarter.

Some Features of Java which make it advantageous for developing AI Applications are listed below:

  • Cross-platform
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Easy-to-code Algorithms
  • Built-in garbage collector
  • Swing and Standard Widget Toolkit
  • Simplified work with large-scale projects
  • Better user interaction
  • Easy to debug
  • Reliable community
  • Multiple free tutorials
  • Scalable

Ability to Code in Different Algorithms

Java is object-oriented and at the same time a scalable language that has all the features for developing AI projects. Since Search Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence are tightly connected with each other, Java can be used for coding different types of algorithms.

Automatically Deletes Useless Data

Java is a good choice when it comes to developing large-scale projects. The built-in garbage collector feature of Java automatically deletes useless data. As we already mentioned, Java incorporates Swing and Standard Widget Toolkit and facilitates visualization to create appealing graphics and interfaces.

24 Hours Helpdesk

Java backs the support of millions of substantial Java community members worldwide. Therefore, anyone, even a beginner can easily learn and create effective solutions with the support of experienced community members. There will be always someone available to answer your questions. Moreover, on the internet, there are thousands of useful tutorials available for free.


If you want to start implementing AI using Java, acquire some basic knowledge of the traditional Algorithms and concepts through Java Training for AI. Also, learn all the Java AI libraries and have a theoretical background of using them to confidently implement it in AI applications.

However, Java loses out with other languages in terms of execution speed and response time. Compared to C++ it is slower in execution and response time. When working on older platforms Java requires significant adjustments and changes in software and hardware. The main advantages of choosing java for AI, ongoing developments are being carried out to bring perfection. Java has more advantages outweighing its disadvantages, which is perfect enough to safely develop intelligent AI products.

In short, while taking many cases, Java can be called as the best language for AI projects. It is also one of the most loved and commonly used languages by programmers around the world.