Key Big Data predictions and trends for 2015

Published January 9, 2015   |   

2014 was big for big data and 2015 is going to be even bigger. There are lots of predictions coming about big data technologies in 2015 and here is a look at some of the key predictions by big data experts around a globe.
Customers will gain more control over the use of their data – with more and more wearable technology enabling users to create their own data. @SOURCE
Big data has already made inroads to the cloud, but in 2015, more companies will take big data analytics to the cloud to meet their new demands more effectively in real-time. @SOURCE
2015 is expected to be the year when more emphasis will be placed on data collections especially sensor based collection. The key factor now is getting the exact data with least time, cost and risk. Data will be increasingly collected via mobile apps. @SOURCE
From optimizing workflow to tracking overall employee happiness, we are likely to see an increased use of HR analytics in 2015. @SOURCE
In 2015, IT will embrace self-service big data to allow business users self-service to big data. @SOURCE
Hadoop, NoSQL and in-memory databases will graduate from mostly experimental pilots to standard components of enterprise data management, taking their place alongside relational databases. @SOURCE
Companies will extend their security and data governance practices to identify and remediate suspicious behaviours and “low and slow” advanced-persistent-threat attacks that might otherwise be undetectable. @SOURCE
Data Visualization and storytelling will become a necessity as every analyst today needs to be a story teller. @SOURCE
In 2014, we saw marketers and sellers begin to analyse social data in earnest. In 2015, they will turn social intelligence into smarter strategies and start to take advantage of social data. @SOURCE
Text analysis will gain increasing traction, with Web data, documents and images, with companies finally able to tackle unstructured data in meaningful ways.
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