Layoffs should be the last resort, not first

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Published June 8, 2023   |   
Tech in Asia

Date: 6 June, 2023

Source: Tech in Asia

Dire times do not call for dire actions; they call for creative solutions. This reimagination is what sets Crayon Data apart from the rest.

In his interview with Tech in Asia, our founder and CEO Suresh Shankar shares how the leadership at Crayon Data has been setting an example for the industry, in balancing the people factor and business factor.

He adds that cutting projects and layoffs have normalized so much that they have become the first resort rather than being the last. In his words, “The default option in life is generally called so because it’s just an easy way out and saves me the trouble of thinking. We don’t believe layoff is the solution. It should be the last resort but it cannot be the first one.” He goes on to narrate the steps the enterprise took to avoid layoffs in tough times.

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