Life @Crayon – Bella

Published June 29, 2018   |   

Life at Crayon Bella
1) How long have you been at Crayon?
a. 1491 days (and still counting)
2) What do you do at Crayon?
a. I spend nearly 90% of my time in presales. The other 10% is used for trips to the pantry and laughing at silly jokes.
3) What’s your average day like?
a. I usually spend the day working on proposals, crawling the internet for information (in the name of research) and enhancing my skills from said internet “research” and learning something new with the team. Of course, there’s an ample dosage of food and laughter to accompany.
4) What’s your favorite Crayon memory?
a. The day I sent an email to all Crayon’s announcing about the “Sweets in Pantry! Indulge”…Only that I missed the “R” in the word ” PANTrY”. Well you know what it read!!!
5) What’s your favourite thing about working at Crayon?/ What keeps you coming to work every day?
a. The noisy, cheerful and happy bunch of Crayons.
6) What do you contribute to Crayon (apart from your functional knowledge!)
a. Lots of food, a floor full of toys, crayon drawings on the walls and my son, Bryan’s high-pitched screech as he runs up and down the corridor.
7) If you were a Crayon colour what colour would you be? And why?
a. Why would I choose one? I would choose all the colors because I want to look BRIGHT!!
8) If we had to choose a mascot for Crayon – who would it be and why? (can be a person living or dead who inspires you, a fictional superhero, anyone)
a. The Road Runner from the Looney Tunes because, he never lets trouble catch up with him. If there was trouble brewing, he’d get up on his feet and quickly head to safety, just like how Crayon safely moved past a shaky 2016 to a successful 2018.
9) Working at Crayon allows me to …………….. (something outside of work)
a. Enjoy my life down under in Australia!!