Life @ Crayon – Grace Lee

Published August 18, 2016   |   

Life at Crayon Grace1
Life at Crayon by Grace
1) How long have you been at Crayon?
3 years and 8 months
2) What do you do at Crayon?
I’m the Ops manager, I handle Finance, HR, Admin work, P.A, or any other ad hoc work.
3) What’s your average day like?
Busy, dealing with all the urgent work requests that first comes to me in the morning, and by noon I do a follow up of what happened the day/week before. It also depends on what day of the month it is, as for different weeks, I need to perform different roles to meet different objectives.
4) What’s your favorite Crayon memory?
“Grace: What is the company name going to be?
Suresh: Crayon
Grace: Huh… what??? ( I got a shock, I thought I heard wrongly with a pregnancy brain)
Bhaskar: Crayon as in Crayons children use to colour.
Grace: Sounds like the name of a school for kids.
Bhaskar: Yes, that is what we are looking for.
Grace: But why Crayon?
Bhaskar: Because, we are back to basic and data is colorful.
Grace: oh ic.. Okie, let me go and reserve the company name now.
Till this day, I don’t know if they did tell me the real reason behind the name Crayon!”
5) What’s your favourite thing about working at Crayon?
I don’t have any particular work that I consider as my favourite. I just simply love my job and do what I’m best at, which motivates me to come to work every day, (even when I’m on a maternity leave.) I love the variety of work that I do, and I also like the fact that my job challenges me every day in different ways.
6) What do you contribute to Crayon?
Balloon twisting activity
7) If you were a Crayon colour what colour would you be? And why?
White. It is the color that represents purity and honesty. Being the person holding the keys to Crayon’s bank accounts, purity and honesty is very important.
But my favourite color is still pink, so if you are planning to buy me flowers, please buy pink.
8) If we had to choose a mascot for Crayon – who would it be and why?
Mickey Mouse. Mickey has a solution to every problem in life. The interesting part is that he can always solve a problem in a magical way.
9) Working at Crayon allows me to ……………
Work on different areas of the business. So that I learn new things and improve myself everyday.