The many ways to Rome: what it means to be a charismatic leader

Published November 5, 2018   |   

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Crayon Power Quotes Volume 1

1. Leadership is about making the right decisions, at the right time, and ensuring the workforce follows through with that decision with effectiveness. What are your thoughts?
Leadership is about clarity in thinking and the ability to align an organisation towards the same vision. In today’s volatile world, it’s a lot to ask for leaders to make the right decisions all the time. It is more important that leaders are able to correct wrong decisions quickly and keep the team on course towards the end goals.
2. I have learned that when left alone or undisturbed, people always come back and surprise you with positive results. What are your thoughts?
There are way too many roads that lead to Rome. But first, the people must know that they need to go to Rome and the purpose of going there. That way they will definitely surprise you with positive results.
3. When in doubt you go with your – reason/gut /instinct/peer feedback/team thoughts….?
I listen to reason and my team.
4. What makes you come into work every day, happy and excited about a fresh day?
5. If you had to drive home a message to all of your employees – about learning and life, what would it be?
There is always room to learn and grow no matter how good you think you are. So be humble.
6. What is an ideal Crayon (provide character traits or things you would want your team to be/have)
An ideal Crayon is bright, confident and brave. They’re accountable for their actions, are quick learners and are respectful of others. They’re also open, honest and sincere.
7. What’s the most important factor you consider when hiring someone?
After the required skills, it’s sincerity.
8. If you had to tell your team one thing they should follow as a principle, what would it be?
Be professional. You must deliver if you have committed to something. If you know you can’t deliver, don’t commit.
9. What would be the ideal work day for you?
When things get done.
10. What is the best piece of advice you would give to a young professional to succeed?
Seek opportunities to learn and achieve. Don’t just sit there and wait for work to come to you.
11. What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?
The advice I got from the Head of Consumer Banking at a European Bank I worked at. People need 3 things to stay motivated :
• Fair compensation
• Being viewed as a key member of a team
• See an advancement path
This has driven the way I’ve worked with all team members even when I cannot impact their compensation.
12. How would you self-evaluate a goal you have set?
13. What is your personal vision for Crayon? What do you want to see it grow to or achieve?
The go-to provider for tier 1 and 2 enterprises for personalization products
14. Change is inevitable. What are your thoughts?
Change is the only constant. But not mid-sprint, please!
15. What builds a solid foundation for a team. Share your thoughts.
3 things –
• Openness
• Fairness
• Alignment on a common goal
16. There are good days, and there are bad days. What powers you through both?
The good days power me through bad days.
17. What’s your power quote. (A quote you truly believe in)
A sign of a good leader is not how many followers you have but how many leaders you create.