Mindshare chooses Crayon Data as their big data partner to launch FAST

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Published October 27, 2015   |   

Singapore based Crayon Data joins Mindshare and industry leaders GroupM, Kantar, WPP Data Alliance and Jivox to create revolutionary, real-time marketing solutions.
Crayon Data to provide customized analytics services for FAST Hub.
Singapore/Jakarta – October 23, 2015–  In 2014, Crayon Data, one of the most innovative big data start-ups in the world, entered into a partnership with Mindshare to develop real time targeting solutions. Mindshare and Crayon brought together formidable synergies. They incorporated Crayon’s SimplerChoicesTM platform and algorithm based ad-targeting and personalization capabilities and Mindshare’s marketing ability, to form a single proposition to clients. The vision was to work together to build new products effectively integrating Mindshare’s digital assets and data into Crayon’s SimplerChoicesTM platform to build innovative products.
Last week, this partnership bore fruit with the launch of FAST (Future Adaptive Specialist Team) Services – a unique solution suite, which aims to provide data led adaptive marketing services to brands. This suite will help brands make sense of the deluge of data that is engulfing marketing communications.
Marketers are drowning in data, struggling with how to best exploit it, to connect with consumers in mutually desirable ways,” said Gowthaman Ragothaman, Chief Operating Officer, Mindshare Asia Pacific.
And that’s not the end of it.
An enterprise’s internal data is not sufficient to understand how consumers’ tastes are evolving and what is relevant at the moment. Crayon Data’s proprietary platform, SimplerChoicesTM, harnesses the power of big data and uses complex machine-learning techniques, to apply cognitive thinking algorithms to collected data. This provides a lethal storehouse of information and insights for FAST.
The launch of FAST in Singapore, is a response to the growing demand in emerging markets for data-led marketing initiatives.
Suresh Shankar, founder of Crayon Data, said, “Media, analytics and behaviour is all going digital, and choices are proliferating, in every aspect of our life from media to daily decisions. Combining Mindshare’s proprietary data and research with Crayon’s data collection and analytical capability means even greater adaptive solutions for marketers. With Crayon, FAST has the ability to build real-time profiles and personalised engagement solutions for enterprises to offer to their consumers.
There’s a data storm coming. FAST is every marketer’s bunker to weather it.”
FAST’s solutions currently target five vertical market segments: consumer packaged goods (CPG), banking, consumer healthcare, telecommunications and automotive, and will possibly change the face of marketing as we know it.
About FAST
Targeting the consumer packaged goods (CPG), banking, consumer healthcare, telecom and automotive sectors, FAST will allow clients to adopt and implement adaptive marketing strategies covering programmatic, performance marketing, customised data alliances, digital analytics, data management platforms (DMP) and real-time marketing. The Singapore FAST hub is anticipated to grow to a 63 members outfit over the course of the next three years, and the six teams will lead the product development for this suite of services for all growth and emerging markets for Mindshare’s clients, wherever they are in the world.
About Mindshare:
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