Mindshare partners with Crayon Data to boost its planning

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Published August 22, 2014   |   

Mindshare, the flagship media agency of GroupM, has forged a partnership with big data company, Crayon Data to power its planning, insights and consultancy offering. The partnership will help in rolling out adaptive solutions for marketers, providing the ability to not only identify different consumer profiles and segments, but also target and track those profiles across a range of media channels, including social media and video.
For Mindshare, this partnership continues their focus on developing leadership in Adaptive Marketing, a shift that is impacting how the agency thinks about services, products and ways of working. With this in mind, Mindshare has consciously entered into a range of strategic partnerships across new emerging domains such as big data, mobility, online video, cross screen measurement, advocacy and social content. The agency has re-structured its approach to bring data, content, technology and accountability together in a way, which has unlocked dramatic growth opportunities for both clients and partners.
Sudipto Roy, chief client officer APAC and chairman of Mindshare’s Products, Partnerships & Services Council, says, “We are looking at this collaboration to dramatically transform the way consumer insights are mined and connected to our clients’ categories. We were able to unearth consumer connections and interests, for an FMCG company in a way that is almost impossible to do through standard research based methods. For a B2B client, we were able to unlock and profile a million potential leads with exact identification of what they would be likely to buy. This is a game changer.”
Headquartered in Singapore with a development centre in Chennai, Crayon Data’s SimplerChoices engine simplifies the decision-making process for marketers. It uses proprietary algorithms to sort the complexity and present meaningful connections between data points and providing predictions of what consumers really want. The foundation of Crayon’s Choice Engine is the Taste Graph (B2C) and Interest Graph (B2B). Crayon’s Taste Graph has over 550 million Taste Nodes reaching close to a billion. Crayon’s Interest Graph has extensive information on over 10 million enterprises, with 500 million data points.
Suresh Shankar, founding director at Crayon Data, states, “The partnership seeks to marry Mindshare’s media data sets and expertise, and its innovations like Loop Room, with Crayon’s choice engines, algorithms and graphs. This partnership forms part of a big transformation and caters to our mission of turning the misery of choosing into the magic of choice.”