Personalization in online casinos – Using the power of big data

Published April 17, 2018   |   

Big data is a strong currency in today’s climate in Canada, with companies and brands desperate to utilize it to streamline their own operations and save on costs, while delivering the optimum service. So it’s an important aspect of nearly every single sector – including the online casino industry. With any process of digitalization, data plays a part, and moving casino offerings to online platforms, and ramping up the advances in technology in line with the latest developments means that data has to play a part. But how important is big data when it comes to the online casino?
Well, gambling has always been a numbers game. And those with the most information on the accurate numbers usually ending up being the winners. So, in a world where information is king, big data helps casino establishments and websites to track and analyze customer data. Thereby, it can benefit the online casino industry by tailoring messages and offers to certain players and benefitting those who are interested in specific areas of casino e.g. slots, poker, or roulette.
Casinos can now also understand demographics of their consumers better, thereby catering to their preferences. For example, most younger players, who play slots and roulette, belong to a higher thrill seeking demographic. They are drawn to games that usually themed, with luck having a large hand in it and high stakes. That means huge rewards on winning.
By offering a bespoke service, the customer is more likely to be retained, and a greater profile can be drawn up to further personalize the service in a feedback loop. Moreover, greater odds can be analyzed for games and online gaming as a whole, based on what has gone before and how the industry is faring.
Data analysis can also help build gaming profiles based on tournaments and high-stakes games, such as with poker, and can offer potential players a greater evaluation of how well they might do. One game which has greatly benefitted by placing more odds in their players’ favour is poker. Online poker has caught on like a wild fire, both as a past-time and at a competitive level. Websites like SharkScope, provide its players with information such as statistics of other players, and latest trends. This helps them strategize effectively and improve on their own games.
Ultimately, big data can be used to monitor what people do and the journey they make on an online casino site through real time analytics to create a better offering for players and to create a sustainable advantage over competitors.
Another way in which big data helped level the playing field for bookers and players was by establishing more realistic odds. Using predictive analysis has made it easier for bettors to predict the outcome of games in tournaments, not only in a physical sport, but also in online contests. Players and bookers can determine betting amounts based on the information gathered and analysed from history, hence providing them with real-time odds.
Big data also helps with the games which online casino developers are creating. It has been well noted by developers that gamers tend to be drawn to certain games in certain patterns over gaming career. Big data and predictive analysis can identify and utilize these patterns to draw the attention of specific customers to specific game models. By analyzing data of how long games are played for, how long players are playing for, they can assess what aspects might keep a player playing for longer.
So, for example, when it comes to online slots, developers can see whether those with greater supplementary video and audio content, or those that invoke brands, or even just themes such as Slots Heaven’s offering of Ancient Greece or a Man of Steel film tie-in work better. And it can be seen that the big data analysis may augment or compound reviews, such as OCC’s review here, one of the biggest Review sites in Canada. By taking all kinds of data into account, a greater picture can be developed to create games that players will definitely want to play.
While big data may be used to a greater degree in other sectors and industries, it should not be neglected when it comes to online casinos. Businesses throughout Canada are harnessing the power of big data and seeing profitable results. The data can be used to personalize experiences on the site, create more impactful games, or to assess the use of online casino bonuses that might make certain players come back to the site to play again, or diversify the games they play.
Big data is definitely going to come more into its own as each sector realizes the power it wields and how beneficial it can be.