Sales bonus and big data

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Published December 3, 2013   |   

Leaving behind the old way of sales, companies now have become extremely sophisticated when it comes to helping sales and marketing teams achieve their numbers, and hence the green bucks that inadvertently flow after the quota is achieved, by being creative on Big Data.

Sales and Marketing are the first teams in an organisation that imbibe Big Data and SaaS models, after all who has the time for a 1 year project implementation timeframe and expected returns after 2 years. It’s a month by month sales target life that needs to be satisfied. All in all, best place for Big Data creativity. Big Data can help your sales team focus on:

Demand Sensing – Real time tracking on who are the companies that need to be targeted, prioritise them based on algorithms, measuring demand across global factors and corporate updates.

Predicting Opps – Predict which companies will buy what. Map the product catalogue with real time market info.

Competition – Who are they, what are they doing, what am I missing in my sales intel that my competition knows and taking advantage of.

Org Structure – Who are the people in the organisation that need to be targeted. What is their social context and interests? Map product / services catalogue to individual purchaser. Predict what he will buy without knowing him.

And the list goes on. Information is available across the web, articles, seminars, conferences, magazines, websites, reports, blogs, forums, social media… And now the tech is there to ingest it, curate it and present the actions to the sales teams. Companies can now do real time scan of millions of potential clients to choose the best opportunities for sales to focus on.