SAP HANA for real-time analytics [Research paper]

Analytics   |   
Published August 16, 2016   |   

There is no doubt that data analytics is the most favored method for extracting viable and venerable insights out of data volumes. There are a continuous accumulation and storage of poly-structured data due to the unprecedented increase in different and distributed data sources. Further on, there is a growing awareness that data heaps could emit out actionable insights if they are subjected to systematic and smart investigations. The captured data and the extracted intelligence invariably enable decision-makers and business executives to take timely decisions and to consider countermeasures in time with all the clarity and confidence.
Therefore there is a renewed interest and involvement in the domain of data analytics. The continuously growing set of technological advancements in the analytics space along with the consistent supply of analytical platforms, products, patterns, practices, and processes enables worldwide corporates and companies to survive and surge ahead in the hugely market-driven and knowledge-centric environment.
However for a methodical generation, capturing, collection, storage, processing, mining and enrichment of big, fast, streaming and IoT data, there are several critical challenges expressed widely. The enterprise and Cloud IT divisions are working out various measures and methods in order to simplify and streamline the associated steps of the data analytics lifecycle. There are automated tools and highly competent services in order to speed up the process of transitioning data into information and into knowledge, which can be quickly discovered and disseminated to people as well as actuation systems to proceed.
One widely deliberated and discoursed challenge is how to do real-time capture, storage and processing of massive volumes of data to emit in timely insights. In this white paper, we are to discuss in detail how the SAP HANA platform facilitates the real-time knowledge discovery and dissemination so that all kinds of decision-makers and other important stakeholders are accordingly empowered with all the right and relevant insights to take correct and timely decisions and implement them with all the clarity and confidence.
To read more, download the research paper from here.