Suresh Shankar on the future of Metaverse in Dubai

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Published September 14, 2022   |   

Date: 12 September 2022

Source: Al-Bayan


Dubai’s ambition in the Metaverse is supported by real projects

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Suresh Shankar says, “Dubai is one of the leading knowledge economies of the world, which puts the country in an enviable position to capitalize on the digital innovation taking place in the Metaverse. I believe that two major things will happen, as far as the UAE’s relationship with the Metaverse goes. As laid out by HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammad’s vision for Dubai and the Metaverse, the government is taking a big leap and is actively trying to create incentives and encourage innovations that will make Dubai the centre of the Metaverse. Second, the UAE is already an experimental hub for the metaverse in terms of building applications and services. Lots of companies have set up here and are looking for new applications to be built. So, we’re going to see a lot of innovation and experimentation out here.”

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