Suresh Shankar’s guide to company building on ContraMinds podcast

Published October 6, 2021   |   

Date: October 5

Source: ContraMinds

Crayon Data’s founder and CEO Suresh Shankar appeared on Episode 17 of the ContraMinds podcast. In an hour-long conversation, Suresh talks to host S Swaminathan on a wide range of topics, including

Introducing startup thinking to legacy organizations

“The one change that I’ve seen in the last 10-15 years of doing analytics and AI is that it’s no longer acceptable to just say it’s my intuition, my gut feeling. You have to bring data. A lot of senior leaders say that in a discussion, the guy with the data always wins. And it’s often the youngest person in the room.”

Bringing right-brained thinking to left-brained businesses

“More people are realizing that it is not just about the technology that goes under the hood… I think it’s all about layering user experience and saying this is not about complexity but about making something very simple.

Using storytelling to build teams aligned to your mission

“The truth is every one of us wants to be inspired… [Building a team] is a strange mix of trying to give them rational things that combat their fears and this inspirational thing of saying, “You know what? You can fly, I can help you fly.” However, I think this also depends upon the kind of person we’re talking to… They want to hear things that talk to their particular skill. So, you also have to be able to personalize the message based on their field and personality.”

ContraMinds  is a podcast that explores thoughts and conversations around the DNA of purposeful minds. It tries to decode what really goes behind the minds of people with a purpose, what are their motivations and inspiration, attempts to understand the why behind what they do and how do they successfully accomplish what they set out do. 

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