Benefits and opportunities of digital personalization for marketers

Published April 17, 2017   |   

Nowadays, more and more digital marketers are adopting a personalized approach for reaching their customers. They look to addresses individual concerns and start an email campaign with a personal tone. Before you do the same, it’s best to know the benefits and opportunities of digital personalization for marketers.


1. Conversion

Conversion is the primary benefit of digital personalization. When you launch an email marketing campaign, your content will determine how your customers respond. Because many people are already sick and tired of receiving generic content that is obviously sent to many recipients, and ignore the content.

However, when they receive emails mentioning their names, they are likely to open them. If the content says something about their preferences, they may be encouraged to visit the landing page and do some actions, which may include buying. Being personal in your content is like inviting your friends to go and check out something interesting.

Aside from that, calling the attention of your customers individually will help you generate a buying signal. This is because you will only know what can make your customers buy when they start responding. Otherwise, you’re like sending a letter to nameless ghosts. In other words, being personal in your content is the way to conversion.

2. Builds Trust

When you receive an email that starts with “Dear Sir”, “Dear Madam”, “To whom it may concern”, you would probably think that such email is coming from a scam site that auto-generates this spam content. However, when the email is directed to you, then you would feel the sincerity behind it because the sender appears to exert some effort to reach you.

On the other hand, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can easily remove the doubts of your customers by just mentioning their names. What makes them trust you is the relationship you are building with them, and you can only do it by getting to know your customers well. When your customers feel you know them personally, this can bring long and lasting business relationship.

3. Builds Loyalty

Digital personalization converts and builds trust. When this happens, your target customers become your regular customers. They will keep coming back not only because they are satisfied with your products or services, but also because they are comfortable with you as though you are their friend whom they have known for long. Digital marketers look for affordable web hosting services to develop a website that promotes user engagements while setting up a customer support system that generates feedback.

When you have loyal customers, your effort to convert them will become less and less as they will make some initiatives to buy or give their commitment without having to force them. On top of that, these loyal customers are the ones who usually recommend their favourite brands to their friends, so you can also enjoy some added benefits of keeping them loyal.

Opportunities and Challenge

1. Waste of Time and Energy

Automation seems contrary to personalization as when you talk about personalization, it entails personal touch. The truth is that we can all be personal to humans and not to artificial intelligence. You can create a messaging bot that can personally attend to your customer, but there is no way it can be truly personal.

Digital personalization still requires human interaction. This means you will still need to spend more time and energy being a different person in front of different people. If there is a little bit of automation involved, it has to be operated and customized separately, which is also time-consuming.

2. Analytics Discrepancy

Analytics is part of digital marketing, and when you use it to gather and interpret your data, you will get the bird’s eye view of what is going on in your campaign. You can see the behaviour of your customers, if they respond to your call to action.

However, the data is usually based on segments and categories. Analytics is a bit more general and less personalized. Consequently, you can still find it hard to monitor the behaviour of each customer using this analytics. Therefore, you might have a distorted picture of your marketing effort.

If advertising is all about your brand, marketing is all about your customers. You should not mix them both in your digital marketing approach. You should use your customer data to know your customers individually.

Your campaign doesn’t have to be too personal. What is important is that you are engaging your customers in your message. When you start a digital marketing campaign, benefits and opportunities of digital personalization are worth taking note of. Nevertheless, remember to focus on the advantages of personalized content to help get you squared away.