Three golden rules to remember while choosing a visualization tool

Published March 31, 2015   |   

Rule #1: No tool will turn you into a pro. Given the rapid development of visualization technology you might be tempted to adopt the latest technology thinking that it will turn you into a pro. This is not the case. There is no tool that can make you a pro, unless you develop your theoretical and design skills accordingly and organically. A visualization designer is a great designer regardless the tool of choice. It’s basically the same as photography. The last digital reflex may take crisper shots but it won’t turn you into the next Ansel Adams.
Rule #2: First learn one single tool very well. Again, given the vast amount of choices you may make and the endless production of new technologies, you might be tempted to go after all of them. Experimentation and exploration are great but what you need first is a tool that make you feel home, a safe place where you know you can always express yourself regardless the complexity of the idea you have in mind. Choose one tool and learn it very well first, you won’t regret it.
Rule #3: Choose tools you are totally in love with. Don’t choose a tool because it’s cool and everybody use it, choose the one that makes you feel great, the one you can have an affair with. People give their best with tools when they are totally in love with them and just cannot stop exploring all their capabilities. If a tool doesn’t click, if you don’t crave to use it (at least at the beginning) it’s a bad sign, move on to the next one.

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