Top 10 LinkedIn groups every Data Scientist should join

Published June 19, 2014   |   
Baiju NT

Are you a busy data scientist, building mathematical models and machine learning algorithms to run experiments on massive datasets? And are you struggling to find a meaningful way to stay up-to-date? Well, here is a list of Top 10 LinkedIn groups for you to stay informed and up-to-date on the latest news, trending topics and discussions within the industry experts. They will also help you maintain relationships with other folks in the business.
1. Advanced Business Analytics, Data Mining and Predictive Modeling
Created: September 28, 2007
Type: Professional Group
Members: 133,368 members
Owner: Vincent Grandville
Group Profile: Data science, big data, visualization, business analytics, predictive modeling, data mining, web analytics, six sigma, econometrics, business intelligence, computational finance, quant, operations research, machine learning, data analysis, data warehousing, risk management, cloud computing, text mining, BI.
2. Data Mining, Statistics, Big Data, and Data Visualization
Created: July 25, 2008
Type: Professional Group
Members: 48,921 members
Owner: Jon Francis
Group Profile: This is a group for data mining and statistical professionals who wish to expand our network of people and share ideas. Methodological issues are fair game, as well as discussion of software (SAS, R, WEKA, etc), technology (Hadoop, relational databases, etc) conferences, and job postings. Please note that job postings should only be submitted in the Jobs space, while advertising of services should only be submitted in the Promotions space.
3. Pattern Recognition, Data Mining, Machine Intelligence and Learning
Created: October 2, 2008
Type: Professional Group
Members: 17,845 members
Owner: Belur V. Dasarathy, Ph.D., FIEE
Group Profile: The Group is intended for all those interested in the areas of Pattern Recognition, Data Mining, Machine Intelligence and Learning.
4. Research Methods and Data Science
Created: April 10, 2009
Type: Professional Group
Members: 15,759 members
Owner: Alex Liu, Ph.D.
Group Profile: This global association is dedicated to serving all such researchers and analysts who are interested in innovative research methods and data science, and related software tools especially open source ones. This LinkedIn forum is for researchers, analysts and practitioners to discuss about research methodology, data science, research flow management, research process standardization, research automation and open data, as well as research competency assessment and certification. Especially, the members of this network help each other to improve their research quality, predictive accuracy and research efficiency. It is devoted to discussing about how Big Data will impact research methods and research systems. It is also devoted to projects of data science for social good.
5. Natural Language Processing People
Created: June 27, 2008
Type: Other
Members: 14,248 members:
Owner: Clem Wang
Group Profile: NLP People membership is open to all, including recruiters. Be warned, if you are a recruiter there is a space where jobs should be posted. Contacting specific members about a job or opportunity is a good use of this space, however I don’t want generic messages sent blindly to the membership spamming about jobs. There are websites for that and if they choose they can sign up there. For everyone: please do not spam the message boards with essentially the same message, or selling/promoting some product (even if it is NLP related). Also note: this is not neuro-linguistic programming. That is a kind of psychology and is completely unrelated to this group.
6. Data Science Central
Created: February 10, 2012
Type: Professional Group
Members: 13,973 members
Owner: Richard Snee
Group Profile: Data Science Central is the industry’s online resource for big data practitioners. From Analytics to Data Integration to Visualization, the Data Science Central approach is to provide a community experience that includes a robust editorial platform, social interaction, forum-based technical support, the latest in technology, tools and trends –and industry job opportunities.
7. Big Data, Analytics and Data Science Training
Created: May 2, 2013
Type: Professional Group
Members: 11,845
Owner: Vincent Granville
Group Profile: Schools, programs, tutorials, training and certifications for modern data science practitioners and people interested in becoming a data scientist.
8. Advanced Analytics, Predictive Modeling, & Statistical Analyses Professional Group
Created: July 10, 2008
Type: Professional Group
Members: 7,814 members
Owner: John Frischenmeyer
Group Profile: Members are technology professionals with a common foundation of advanced quantitative education and experience in areas of advanced analytics, statistical modeling, data mining and quantitative analyses. Network, collaborate, and find career opportunities.
9. Data Scientists
Created: June 9, 2009
Type: Professional Group
Members: 7,878 members
Owner: Troy Sadkowsky
Group Profile: Evolve your data management practices for the new digital data era. We aim to solve problems and create products that are valued within the scientific research community. Data Scientists hope to provide assistance in:
* enabling best practice in scientific research;
* providing an interface between scientific analysis and technology;
* increasing performance of new applications and data services; and
* decreasing the effort required by researchers in adopting new applications and data services.
10. KDnuggets Analytics, Data Mining, and Data Science
Created: February 4, 2008
Type: Professional Group
Members: 5,529 members
Owner: Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro
Group Profile: A group for Analytics, Data Mining, and Data Science Professionals and Researchers, interested in solving real-world problems – part of KDnuggets network.