Top 6 popular Cloud Services compared [Infographic]

Published July 4, 2018   |   

Such is the range of cloud services now on offer that it can be difficult to determine which one is best, especially if you’re new to the world of cloud storage. The first step is to establish what you want to get out of using the cloud – do you simply want something that’s quick to set up and easy to use, or do you require a more advanced solution with a generous storage capacity?
If this dilemma is familiar to you, then you’ll find this infographic from ERS IT Solutions  very helpful, as it compares six of the best-known cloud storage options in a digestible and practical guide. The maximum file upload size, free storage capacity, cost of use and compatible operating systems are all laid bare, while the main pros and cons of each have been extracted for readers who wish to know more about these services.
If you’re a cloud beginner, your best bet would be a user-friendly service such as Dropbox, which stores any type of file and has a very simple interface. Plus, it works on pretty much any operating system you can think of, so once you’ve downloaded the service and signed up, you can start using it straight away.
The more advanced cloud user might prefer a more comprehensive service like iCloud Drive, which allows users to upload files as large as 50GB and comes with a host of useful office productivity apps such as Keynote.  Business owners and IT professionals might also derive great benefit from Box, which allows for tasks to be set, message threads to be established and files to be edited by specified users.
Read the infographic below to see which cloud solution is best suited to your needs.

Top 6 popular Cloud Services compared Infographic