Top 8 machine learning startups you should know about

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Published August 9, 2019   |   

The term artificial intelligence has been buzzing around for quite a long time. Not only limited to sci-fi movies anymore, but AI is also a real-world disruptor in various verticals. Right from low-code driven to automate developers tasks in companies. AI and it’s related machine learning technology has quite a bit to offer.

In such a fast-growing market, AI has a seamless potential for being applied to various challenges faced by small to huge enterprises. Hence, it’s no surprise entrepreneurs are noticing AI startups. They hope that by leveraging the technology, it’ll help them gain an edge over their competition.

In this post, we will be looking at the seven most effective startups that are purely based on machine learning and artificial intelligence’s exponential growth.


Alation provides a data catalog based on machine learning for helping out people find, understand, and trust the data inside their organizations. The enterprise has defined its solution to align the needs for dominant variant personas. Usually, their data catalog is best known for usability and intuitive design. It is said that more than 90 companies have adopted the Alation Data Catalog, including some big names like eBay, Pfizer, Munich Re, and the City of San Diego.

Company Growth:

Alation is funded by Harmony Partners, Icon Ventures, Costanoa Ventures, Salesforce Ventures, and Sapphire Ventures. The brand has managed to pull a total fund of $82M, and their latest funding was raised from a Series C round.


The company focuses on the innate strengths of machine learning that looks for patterns by making use of constraint-based modeling across different diverse data sets to make businesses rely on the same. AI platform by Anadot is possibly looking forward to eliminating blind spots in data and quantify root-causes in various data sets. The platform has its own Autonomous Analytics platform to gain benefits of advanced machine learning techniques for analyzing and correlating every business parameter to provide real-time alerts and forecasts by lowering time detection and resolution.

Company Growth:

The startup has managed to raise a total fund of $27.5M along with the latest funding from a series B round by Redline Capital. The startup approach is based on detection of the real-time anomalies.


The startup is one of the fastest-growing global digital health-care tech companies. It aims to reinvent remote patient monitoring by making use of machine learning, AI, and real-time tracking. The platform can actively detect personalized patterns irrespective of a patient’s health condition and figure out the lead indicators of potential health deterioration. They have created a Biovital platform based on human physiology to formulate personalized health models and returns accurate prediction of the patient’s health.

Company Growth:

The startup has managed to raise a total fund of $41.6M; one of which is being from MassMutual Ventures and Sequoia Capital India. This platform has built its own platform called RhythmAnalytics, which has received FDA clearance for AI-based automated interpretation of cardiac arrhythmias.


The startup is one of the most exciting machine learning platform based on a unique approach by integrating AI techniques to streamline the mundane tasks of automation of data extraction from unstructured documents. It is taking control over the banking and insurance companies by attaining full accuracy with the help of AI and machine learning.

Company Growth:

The company has raised a total fund of $17M; out of which the latest funding was from a Series B round. The platform is including new customers globally.  Including the financial and global credit service providers like Showa Denko, Kansai Electric Power, and many more.

We all are aware of the mainstream benefit of AI to detect anomalies in visual and numerical data. The platform is relying on more on the machine learning for improving the encoding and decoding image densities. The ML algorithms make use of deep neural networks for creating an image representation called Machine Learning Visual Extension.

Company Growth:

The platform has tried to create a compressed representation in a new format embedded with intelligence inside the file structure. It has also raised one pre-seed round in September 2018 and funded by Village Global and Victory Square.


The startup invests in machine learning and AI-based systems for healthcare organizations. It enables them to incorporate complex data across various distributed sources. Which would, in turn, provide valuable insights to healthcare experts. It has created a data shop application. Which includes proprietary modeling algorithms to normalize data that links across multiple data sources.

Company Growth:

The platform has raised overall funding of $54.1M. With the latest funding from a Series B round led by M12 – a Microsoft’s venture capital investment firm. It also provides solutions for care management, referral management, and patient engagement.


This startup uses AI and machine learning to bring significant innovation to the workforce and logistics optimization. It also supports real-time tracking, route optimization, on-demand management, and resource allocation automation to more than 250 enterprise clients.

Company Growth:

The platform has managed to raise total funding of $10.6M. And their last funding was built from a series A round led by Paytm. It also managed to develop applications for field workforce management, long-haul tracking and management, last-mile management, and Reverse Logistics Management.

This startup is one of the most creative and insightful platforms when it comes to revenue management. It helps uncover every revenue opportunity in sales, customer success teams, and marketing from each customer. The system is designed to capture all contact details and activities. It does this with the help of real-time integration. And analyzes the aggregated data by making use of AI and ML.

Company Growth:

The startup has managed to raise an overall fund of $100M. Their latest funding was from a Series C round by ICONIQ capital. The platform is also capable of creating sales performance analytics, feedbacks, and pipeline reviews to assure their freedom at the stack level.

Wrap Up

Here, we come to the end of an article. There are plenty of AI startups emerging out right now, which brings their own and new impact on businesses. Till then – keep learning!